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University Study Published On The Benefits of Boost Oxygen

University Study Published On The Benefits of Boost Oxygen It’s one thing for us to educate consumers about the benefits of using our supplemental oxygen...
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Video: Top 5 Uses For Boost Oxygen

In our latest video, we take a look at the Top 5 Uses For Boost Oxygen! Boost Oxygen is used by athletes, senior citizens, students,...
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Video: Celebs, Athletes, Gamers and more use Boost Oxygen

Who uses Boost Oxygen for all-natural respiratory support? Celebrities, athletes, gamers, entertainers, those at higher altitudes and more:
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Video: How To Use Boost Oxygen

In this video, Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner explains how to use the Boost Oxygen canisters. He also explains why the canisters are so lightweight.
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Video: Who Uses Boost Oxygen?

Who uses Boost Oxygen? People at higher altitudes, athletes, senior citizens and more! Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner explains more in this video:
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Video: The Role Of Oxygen In The Human Body

What is the role of oxygen in your body? How does oxygen help energize your cells, tissues and organs? Take a look at the amazing...
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What Is Altitude Sickness And What Causes It?

What is altitude sickness and what causes it? Also known as “Mountain Sickness”, altitude sickness is defined as a condition “caused by ascent to a...
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What is Supplemental Oxygen?

Supplemental Oxygen can improve the quality of life for healthy people and those that require oxygen for medical issues. There are several devices that can...
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Is Supplemental Oxygen Safe To Use?

Facts On Supplemental Oxygen Safety And Side Effects Is supplemental oxygen safe to use? Are there any side effects? If used as directed, it is...
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