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Pilot Study by Northumbria University finds 15% improvement in recall with combination of Oxygen and Rosemary

Boost Oxygen, the worldwide leader in portable supplemental oxygen canisters, is proud to present the findings of a scientific study by Northumbria University that Boost’s “Think Tank” (now known as “Boost FOCUS”) provided increased improvement in memory and cognitive function.

In the study, healthy adult volunteers were tested for word recall, mood, alertness, content and calmness after using Boost Oxygen’s Think Tank (now Boost FOCUS). Researchers found that on average, volunteers showed a 15% improvement in recall after using Think Tank.

You can read the entire Northumbria University / Think Tank scientific study and the findings at this link:




Boost Oxygen’s Think Tank is the first all-natural, inhalable, cognitive support product based on science and history. What is a nootropic? Nootropics are drugs, supplements, and other substances that may improve cognitive function, particularly executive functions, memory, creativity, or motivation, in healthy individuals.

However, Think Tank is not a drug like Adderall. It’s not a multi-vitamin and it’s not caffeine. Think Tank is a combination of 95% pure oxygen and organic rosemary aroma. The Rosemary aroma is made from organic plant extracts by the Michigan-based Lebermuth company, who have been developing safe aromas for over 100 years.

Rosemary aroma has been independently studied and found to increase short-term memory. Scholars in ancient Greece were known to wear wreaths of rosemary around their brow to improve recall while taking exams. Rosemary aroma is being increasingly researched and implemented with both the young and old, and its use as an all-natural, safe and drug-free cognitive support is becoming more accepted and widespread globally.

Unlike harmful stimulants, there are no side effects when using Think Tank. Each canister of Think Tank is made from all-natural and healthy oxygen and rosemary aroma. Adderall, Focus Factor, Ritalin and even caffeine and sugar in energy drinks, coffee and sodas can all have side effects. They promise a quick fix for your memory and focus. In addition to any side effects, sodas and energy drinks can also cause you to crash after their effects expire – forcing you to drink even more to avoid that crash.

Think Tank is available online at and at select CVS Health Hub locations nationwide.




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*Disclaimer: 95% Pure Boost Oxygen is for recreational purposes only, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts, older adults, and people at high altitude or in poor air quality. No prescription is needed to purchase Boost Oxygen. As it is not medical-grade oxygen, not a drug, and not intended for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA and thus the Agency has not assessed any of the statements herein. Consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.