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Oxygen to Go is Perfect for the West Coast

We hear it over and over again; Boost Oxygen is great for shortness of breath; Boost Oxygen saved my hike or vacation or climb when I was at a higher altitude. Campsite Vibes can attest to Boost Oxygen.

The West Coast is the perfect place for folks to have Boost Oxygen on hand as you can go from sea level at the actual ocean to altitude in the mountains in less than an hour in some places. Oxygen to go is great to have in your gear bag, your car or your hiking backpack when you live at sea level. While you might not be thinking about needing supplemental oxygen when you are at a more oxygen-dense altitude, you can bet that your lungs will be burning for a little all-natural respiratory support when you get to the mountains.

The other great thing about the West Coast of the US is that going from lower to higher altitudes is a year-round activity. Boost Oxygen offers year-round all-natural respiratory support whether you are hiking, biking, climbing or camping in the summer or skiing, snowboarding or snowshoeing in the mountains in the winter.