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Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen has been the entrepreneurial pioneer for developing a brand new retail category: 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen in lightweight, portable and affordable canisters for health, recovery, natural energy and athletic performance. From his travels to the Czech Republic in the early 2000’s, Founder and CEO Rob Neuner discovered and enjoyed supplemental Oxygen canisters on the market there and decided to bring the idea back to the States with a large array of improvements.


Our motto has always been “Help is Here” – this defines both our Oxygen product and our commitment to customer service and satisfaction. Supplemental Oxygen simply helps. It can be used for a wide range of applications- from sport, to seniors, to pilots, to climbers, to truckers, to partiers, and to many more people for many different reasons. Boost Oxygen makes Oxygen available, anytime, anywhere, to anyone, in a safe and trustworthy fashion.

We have been fortunate to partner with terrific suppliers, retail partners, employees, contractors and many other people and organizations who have all taken a little chance on Boost Oxygen, and all have been major factors in our growth and success. We have many terrific customers who have been with us from the early days, and their adoption and continuous advocacy is the foundation on which this company has been built. Our greatest satisfaction has come from the thousands of amazing testimonials we have received from our customers, it inspires us everyday and makes all the work worthwhile.

Through extensive testing, Boost Oxygen developed and patented masks and actuators for one-handed ease of use and ergonomic benefits of various sized cans to offer the perfect balance of convenience, size and value. Boost Oxygen has worked with the U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration and Consumer Product Safety Commission to develop supplemental Oxygen products that were safe, legal to use without a prescription, compliant to package, ship and store, and most importantly, could deliver value to the consumer for any non-medical use. Boost Oxygen manufactures and fills all of its canisters in the United States, and is a proud supporter of MedTechVets, a non-profit organization helping our veterans obtain employment and mentorship in the Bio and Medtech sector. Boost Oxygen is also an official licensee of the American Red Cross. It is exported to 50+ countries around the world and has become the global leader in the Personal Oxygen Can industry. Help is Here!


Rob Neuner


Rob grew up in Franklin Lakes, NJ, graduated Williams College (MA) in 1989, and received his MBA in International Finance from Fordham University (NY) in 1992. He imported and distributed amazing beer from the Czech Republic from 1996 – 2006, and got the idea for producing Oxygen canisters from Prague during that time, from his use and enjoyment there. He is a former football player, avid current tennis player and fan, loves to ski, problem solve, and has the most fun generally chasing his family around.


Boost Oxygen apareció en este exitoso programa de ABC Shark Tank en octubre de 2019 (Temporada 11, Episodio 2) y ¡consiguió un acuerdo millonario con el Sr. Maravilloso Kevin O'Leary! Fue uno de los acuerdos más grandes en la historia de Shark Tank y ayudó a convertir a Boost Oxygen en una marca mundial. Shark Tank también presentó Boost Oxygen con una actualización de la empresa que se emitió en mayo de 2021.


How can you be sure our canisters are full of at least 95% Pure Oxygen? We have our canisters tested annually by AAL (Atlantic Analytical Laboratory), one of the top gas analysis labs in the country - and we post the results on our website for our customers to see.