Why Are People Using Boost Oxygen?

Apr 28, 2022

Why Are People Using Boost Oxygen?

You probably already know who is using Boost Oxygen, but why are they using it? Being that oxygen is the most powerful and potent driving force of life, it is no surprise that many are seeing the benefits. So, what is the benefit to athletes, seniors, and people of all ages and why are they using Boost Oxygen? Watch this video from Katie as she explains why people use Boost Oxygen.

Athletes and Oxygen

Oxygen is required to support optimal exercise performance. It can be used as an immediate fuel source for fatigued muscles. It is 100% legal for all sports, since it is just pure oxygen, with nothing else added to it.

Research has found that it can help increase VO2 max, which enhances performance. It also speeds up recovery to help athletes get back to training faster.

Boost Oxygen for Senior Citizens

Older Adults and Oxygen

As people age, they may struggle with occasional shortness of breath. Supplemental oxygen can help improve symptoms and increase comfort with breathing. Some choose to use oxygen during the winter months to support lung health, when more time is spent indoors.

Although supplemental oxygen does not replace oxygen prescribed by a physician for medical treatment, it can be a portable way to get additional oxygen temporarily. If you require regular oxygen treatment, ask your doctor if supplemental oxygen can be used to help occasionally.

Boost Oxygen for Outdoors

Outdoor Lovers and Oxygen

For outdoor enthusiasts, particularly hiking or biking at high elevations, supplemental oxygen can help prevent altitude sickness and headaches commonly associated with lack of oxygen.

This is why supplemental oxygen is so popular in recreational places located at high elevations, like the Rocky Mountains, where activity paired with thinner air can lead to lack of oxygenation.

Boost Oxygen for Air Quality

Poor Air Quality and Oxygen

In areas where air quality is threatened, or where poor air quality days occur frequently, supplemental oxygen can help.

People who live in places where wildfires are common and are exposed to smoke are breathing in less pure oxygen. In many areas, summer smog, excessive heat, and humidity in the air can make it difficult to breathe, and supplemental oxygen can help – especially among those with pre-existing respiratory issues.

Boost Oxygen for Altitude

Higher Altitudes and Oxygen

While the percentage of oxygen in the air is the same at high altitudes, the air is thinner and there are fewer oxygen molecules present. This can make people feel like they’re not breathing in as much air if they’re not used to spending much time at these elevations.

Supplemental air can provide a direct source of pure oxygen that can help counteract this feeling.

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Boost Oxygen for Young Adults

Young Adults and Oxygen

Younger generations are busy with school and studying, while balancing social lives and other responsibilities. Many also lead lifestyles that keep them up late at night, like video games.

Supplemental oxygen is often used in these age groups for hangover relief, for mental focus and acuity in school in place of Adderall or caffeine, and for a general boost of energy.

Indoor Jobs and Oxygen

Many people spend most of their working hours in confined spaces, whether it’s as a long-haul trucker or as someone at a desk in an older office building.

These types of environments can have poor air quality and circulation, inhibiting oxygen intake, which is a great opportunity for supplemental oxygen.

Boost Oxygen is being used by a wide range of individuals, but all for the same reason – to improve direct oxygen intake and availability to the body.


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Being at your best isn’t always easy, and Boost Oxygen is here to help. Whether you ski, hike, run, walk, work out, do yoga, play sports, need increased energy, or maybe celebrated just a little too much last night, help is here with Boost Oxygen!

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