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Thank you for sharing your story, Judith! Oregon Natural Health Clinic

“Well, I turned 60 on Christmas Day 2018 and for the the big celebration my son, Robert, his wife Nina, and my two grandsons decided to take me to the Rocky Mountains! We decided on Estes Park, Colorado for New Years Eve and the week following.  I am originally from Colorado but moved to Oregon to go to Chiropractic College 30 years ago and decided to stay, cause it’s Oregon – next best state after to Colorado.”

“I currently live at 500 feet above sea level and we suddenly were at 7000 feet!  WHAT!!!!!????!!!!!  Let’s just say it “kicked my butt!!”  More specifically, I got a migraine that landed me in bed for about 12 hours – my family (from Colorado) thought it was so funny that a “Colorado gal” was likely having altitude sickness…well 30 years to get acclimated to 500 feet vs 7000 feet – nothing to laugh about…can you believe they laughed at me (my brother and sister), thanks guys!!!!!

Thankfully my daughter-in-love Nina is an Emergency Department Physician and she concurred that sometimes people are more sensitive than others…me, for example.  So my brother and son went out and bought me some Boost Oxygen (two containers) one natural and one scented pink grapefruit.  I spent the next number of hours in recovery mode, but the oxygen pulled me through faster than anything I could have done.  Once my altitude sickness was under control I loved the extra boost of energy I got from the oxygen.”

“I tried to figure out how to bring a canister back to Oregon but can’t take it on the plane. DING – DANG!!!!!!

I’m still considering selling canisters to my patients now that I am home back to work as a chiropractor.  The healthy way to boost your energy, and now that I am in my 6th decade of life – I can use all the energy boost I can get!!!

THANKS Boost Oxygen for being available to me!!!”

Judith E. Allan, DC, PC