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Typically, we receive the story of Boost Oxygen’s implementation that is written by a customer who is sharing their story. Although that is true here too, husband (to Michele) and father (to Christian), Charlie Bruno mentioned that he could not tell a big part of their story better than Penn Medicine could…they were featured in an article that was just recently published.

So, a big part of the Bruno family story is here (click the image):

Additionally, Charlie added:  “We started using Boost after an indoor race in Ohio a few years back. Michele became ill from the carbon monoxide (CO) exhaust. Although not at ‘danger levels’, with her being post-transplant and having a suppressed immune system, she ended up in the Emergency Room. They treated her for CO poisoning. The treatment was pure oxygen. Within an hour she was feeling better.”

“That’s when we did some research and found Boost. We began using it the day before racing and all during the event itself and she never became ill again. Now it’s a staple in our pits for not only Michele, but the whole team.”

“It keeps us all focused and alert…additionally for Christian, Boost also helps him recover quickly at the the end of a race.”

To get the truest sense of why the Bruno Family has a driven passion for Driven 2 Save Lives, this article makes the connection (click the pic):

To experience the impact that organ donation has, here is the SportsCenter Featured story of ‘The Power of Sports’ and the Clauson Family / Clauson Marshall Racing…click on the image below:

If you are asking yourself if there are ways to help, or have made the decision to become an organ donor, click here now to register your donation decision:  Driven 2 Save Lives – Ways to Help – Registering Your Decision

The best way to keep up with Christian Bruno as he builds a career in racing, is to follow up the team and family on Facebook Christian Bruno Racing on Instagram @christianbruno4 or on Twitter @CBrunoRacing and his amazing team of sponsors: Mike Fauci Driver Development, Keizer Aluminum Wheels, Simpson Performance Products, Pioneer Pole Buildings, Race Choice, Dylan’s RV Center, and Hyper Racing.