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Here at the start of the 2018 U.S. Open, the constant talk from the commentators has been about the “brutal conditions” for the players. What they are referring to is the mid-90’s heat and the extreme humidity. It has triggered the use of a new ‘Heat Rule’ – a 10-minute break can be requested for the players to retire to the locker room at a specific point in the match. It was used for the first time ever this afternoon during the Djokovic v Fucsovics match. In the first round, there were eight (8) retirements (7 men and 1 woman). Boost Oxygen can help.

Jessica has experienced the benefits of having Boost Oxygen in-hand; and wanted to share it with her Instagram followers @tennismessage…we were very happy to engage with her on this!

It’s a fact that properly oxygenated muscles are less prone to cramping; and the intense nature of the sport of tennis often causes players to retire a match. Clearly, it isn’t all about hydration since you see players hydrating constantly throughout a match. This WebMD article references the use of stretching during a workout; with the goal of delivering more OXYGENATED blood to your muscles. Intense athletic activity causes your oxygenation level to drop, leaving you breathing hard and in an anaerobic state, so supplemental oxygen can help:

We are very proud to know that Boost supports tennis players of all ages, including Winder Bill, a “70+” tennis player who lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Winder contacted us to share his story:  “I retired from tournament tennis in the fall of 2015 as I could not finish a tournament match due to an oxygen deficit as result of pulmonary fibrosis. After I found Boost Oxygen, and got permission to use it in tournaments, I am back to doing what I truly enjoy, competing with open level tennis players my age, win or lose.”

Florida-based USPTA Certified tennis coaches like Dustin know the value of Boost Oxygen, too: