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A Spinal Cord Injury Will Not Stop Aaron Baker

“It’s mid September 2019 and the end of another solid week of work and work-outs. As I type my thoughts, I sip on a fruit...
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Christy Has a Passion for Patriotism, Service Therapy Dogs, Hockey and Supporting Her Fellow Veterans; Now a Children’s Book, Too!

Inspiration comes in many forms. For author Eileen Doyon, it most recently came from seeing the story of Christy Gardner. Christy is a wounded veteran who...
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Regina Is a 24-Year-Old Professional Pickleball Player and Her Journey Has Not Been An Easy One

“My name is Regina Franco, I’m a professional pickleball player and I was formerly a professional racquetball player. I was born and raised in Mexico. Ever since I can remember, sports...
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CJ Has Dedicated Himself to the Sport of Bodybuilding

“My name is CJ DeMarco. My fitness journey started when I was 14. I always loved to work out and play sports. I grew up...
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Justin Scholl and the Boston Marathon

Written and submitted by Justin Scholl – Boston Marathon Finisher
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The EPHMEN Stay Connected Through Lacrosse and Honor Renzie

Submitted by F. Gordon ‘Gordo’ Pollock, Jr, a proud member of the EPHMEN: “Lacrosse is a physical and strenuous activity that one would think might...
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The Boston Renegades Are Back-to-Back Champions!

We appreciate Amanda Alpert taking some time to share how and why the Boston Renegades discovered Boost (nice going Penny, #62!) and implemented it to...
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When You Want To Shake Things Up, Call Shakey

He’s incredibly unique…we dare to say, there isn’t another one like him. He makes you smile, laugh and leaves an indelible impression – along with...
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Mike Lee Chose the Fit Life

Michael Lee has one of the most incredible transformation stories in the fitness industry; we are very proud to share it, and to be a...
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