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Första hjälparbetare tränar med Boost Oxygen i Colombia

Boost Oxygen would like to recognize the efforts of our global partner John Burgos at Boost Oxygen Colombia and his recent work with the aviation firefighters at El Dorado Airport in Bogota, Colombia. (photos below)

Aircraft rescue and firefighting (ARFF) is a type of firefighting that involves the emergency response, mitigation, evacuation, and rescue of passengers and crew of aircraft involved in aviation accidents and incidents.

The airport and their firefighters agreed to take part in a series of training sessions with John to test their response time, performance and recovery while using Boost Oxygen portable supplemental oxygen – and the results exceeded all expectations! John will continue working with other first responders throughout Colombia to incorporate Boost Oxygen into their emergency training.

Special thanks to the firefighters from El Dorado airport for taking part and their hospitality!

Boost Oxygen is 95% pure supplemental oxygen in portable, lightweight and easy to use canisters – no prescription needed. The air you normally breathe contains only 21% oxygen – the majority is 78% nitrogen. Boost Oxygen provides nearly 5X the amount of pure oxygen then normal air.







*Disclaimer: 95% Pure Boost Oxygen is for recreational purposes only, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts, older adults, and people at high altitude or in poor air quality. No prescription is needed to purchase Boost Oxygen. As it is not medical-grade oxygen, not a drug, and not intended for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA and thus the Agency has not assessed any of the statements herein. Consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.