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Johan från Nederländerna har en inspirerande historia om inre styrka, drivkraft och beslutsamhet efter att ha fått veta att han hade multipel skleros. Han använder också Boost Oxygen och ville dela med sig av sitt vittnesmål.


“At the end of 2014, a crazy idea popped into my head: I should run a marathon; and not just any marathon, but the toughest marathon in the Netherlands; the ‘Iron Viking Run’!

Forty-two kilometers through the mud, with added obstacles! My training program was in full swing: I was running 90 kilometers every week, and I felt good. However, halfway through January 2015, I woke up feeling like part of my sight was missing. I thought this was just because of exhaustion and stress, and it took me another two weeks to go see a doctor. I went from my GP to an ophthalmologist, then to a neurologist, then had an MRI scan and returned to the neurologist, all within the space of a week. I went to get the MRI results from the neurologist on my own, because I thought there couldn’t be anything seriously wrong with me, but when she told me I had Multiple Sclerosis, I felt like I was going to faint. Many questions started running through my head, “What kind of future have I got?”, “Can I keep doing what I’m doing now?”, “Can I still exercise?”, “Will I need to swap my trail running shoes for a wheelchair?”


"Neurologen kunde inte svara på dessa frågor om min framtid, men sa att jag definitivt skulle fortsätta träna så länge jag kände mig tillräckligt frisk för att göra det. Hon hade aldrig sett någon som lever med MS springa 90 km i veckan! Jag bestämde mig för att fortsätta träna: det fick mig att må bra och hjälpte mig att slappna av. Jag började också skriva en blogg om hur jag hanterade saker och ting och vad jag gör när det gäller idrott. Träningen fortsatte och jag sprang hundratals kilometer ända fram till mitten av maj 2015: dagen för Iron Viking Run. Fyrtiotvå kilometer löpning, krypande och klättrande: det kanske tog mig sju och en halv timme, men jag fick slutföra, och jag hade den tvivelaktiga äran att vara den firsta MS-patienten som har genomfört Iron Viking Run."


“After the Iron Viking, I was invited to attend a training session for the Invictus Games. I wasn’t sure what it was all about, but I wasn’t going to say no until I’d given it a shot. The running events were a disappointment: my maximum distance was 1 km, and I am at my best, at runs of at least 10 km. Rowing was a different story: the trainers saw something in me, even though my technique was rubbish and my condition could be better. I started focusing all my efforts on rowing, and the trainers used a CrossFit method to teach me how to do it properly.”


“At the Invictus Games, I had to row for four minutes. I was in the lead for three and a half of those, but then my body just gave up. I did manage to finish the race, but I was overtaken by three others and finished fourth. All in all, it was a pretty good result considering that I was in a class higher than my level of ability. After the Invictus Games, the Dutch Rowing Federation classified me for Paralympic rowing, and things moved quickly from there. I am now surrounded by a team of experienced coaches, which has resulted in me becoming number 2 in the Netherlands and number 6 in Europe, in indoor rowing. I’ve had to make a lot of choices to get this far: one thing often excludes another, for example, I’ve had to put my sport before my social life. January 17, 2018, the day of my world record attempt, a day full of pain and where I will ask a lot of my body. But it’s not bad for an MS patient, with a time of 08:54:50.9 at least 10 minutes removed from the world record. It is an attack on your body and everything hurts, your whole body is about to overload.  But it was worth it. After a week my body was working properly again. Shortly after my world record, I came into contact with Boost Oxygen through STRONG n  HEALTHY in Purmerend and started using it during competitions and heavy training sessions.”


"Genom att använda Boost under mina intervallträningspass hämtar jag andan snabbare och är snabbare redo för nästa intervall, och jag är också mindre trött efter träningspassen. Även dagen efter ett lopp är jag mycket mindre trött; det beror på det renade syret. Jag gillar att använda det under mina träningspass och tävlingar."