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Boost Oxygen samarbetar med Rosenhaus Sports för att förse NFL-spelare med bärbar syrgas

Boost Oxygen, the worldwide leader in portable supplemental Oxygen, is happy to announce we are supplying our 95% Pure Oxygen canisters to 100 current NFL players represented by Rosenhaus Sports, across 30 pro teams.

Led by Drew Rosenhaus, Rosenhaus Sports has been a leader and innovator in NFL Athlete Representation for 30 years. Rosenhaus Sports represents some of the most well-known athletes in professional football, baseball and basketball.



Among the current NFL players that Rosenhaus Sports represent that Boost Oxygen will supply include “Gronk” Rob Gronkowski and LeSean McCoy of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kansas City Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill, Baltimore Ravens cornerback Jimmy Smith, Denver Broncos defensive end Jurrell Casey, Houston Texans running back Duke Johnson, New York Jets running back Frank Gore, Pittsburgh Steelers defensive stars Devin Bush and Joe Haden, Tennessee Titans tight end Jonnu Smith, Carolina Panthers wide receiver DJ Moore, Chicago Bears running back Tarik Cohen and defensive end Akiem Hicks, New York Giants running back Devonta Freeman, Detroit Lions running back Kerryon Johnson, Seattle Seahawks tight end Greg Olsen and many more.

Boost Oxygen has also been the portable supplemental Oxygen of choice for the Atlanta Falcons since 2017.

Running the two-minute drill at the end of each half can be exhausting to players on the field. Seeing players sucking wind and unable to perform well during a play is detrimental to the team. During the two-minute warning or a timeout, the trainers bring out hydration products, but what the players immediately need to get back to performing at their peak are respiration recovery products. Also, during the current pandemic, players may not be able to share Oxygen tanks on the sidelines. Boost Oxygen’s innovation makes this possible and is simply common sense.

“Professional football players have been utilizing supplemental Oxygen on the sidelines for decades for faster respiratory recovery during games,” said Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner. “Boost Oxygen is the most practical, portable and lightweight solution – it allows players to bring their own Oxygen into the huddle during timeouts, around the sidelines not tethered to a large tank, into the locker room at halftime, and into the gym while training.”

Founded in 2007, Boost Oxygen has been the pioneer in developing 95% Pure Oxygen in portable and affordable canisters for health, recovery, energy and athletic performance. Boost Oxygen was featured during season 11 of the hit ABC show “Shark Tank”, partnering with Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary.  To learn more about Boost Oxygen visit or follow us on social media on Twitter @BoostO2 , on Facebook at @BoostOxygenUSA , on Instagram @boostoxygen or on LinkedIn and YouTube.

Rosenhaus Sports

*Disclaimer: 95% Pure Boost Oxygen is for recreational purposes only, ideal for athletes and sports enthusiasts, older adults, and people at high altitude or in poor air quality. No prescription is needed to purchase Boost Oxygen. As it is not medical-grade oxygen, not a drug, and not intended for the treatment of any medical condition or disease, it is neither regulated nor approved by the FDA and thus the Agency has not assessed any of the statements herein. Consult your physician if you have any medical conditions.