Sportsman’s Warehouse Now Offers Boost Oxygen at All Locations Nationwide

Aug 4, 2018 | Press Releases

MILFORD, CT / Boost Oxygen is very proud to announce that after a testing period in a select number of store locations, Boost has now been added and is available in all locations of Sportsman’s Warehouse nationwide. With ninety-one (91) locations in 23 states, Sportsman’s Warehouse is conveniently located near the camping, fishing, hunting and hiking opportunities their adventurous customers love.

“When we first started carrying Boost, it was just in 14-stores in our Western region considered to be at-altitude. Sell through was very good, reorders of the product arrived quickly and demand increased,” says Dale Smith of Sportsman’s Warehouse. “Years later, after many orders, and expanding locations, we are very happy to carry Boost Oxygen in ALL Sportsman’s Warehouse stores nationwide.”

Boost Oxygen Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Rob Neuner says, “With consumer feedback that our product supports a person’s passion for all types of outdoor adventure and activity, we are very excited to be trusted by Sportsman’s Warehouse to now be available at all locations; regardless of altitude. A bottle of our lightweight and portable 95% pure oxygen helps while camping, hunting and hiking. It provides help in air quality conditions that tax a person’s breathing: heat, humidity, ozone, pollen, smoke and altitude are all situations that an outdoor enthusiast faces. We are extremely happy to see the constant posts in social media about people who have discovered our product and talk about how it has positively supported their active and outdoor lifestyles.”

Boost Oxygen is the worldwide leader of providing portable, lightweight, and affordable bottles of 95% pure oxygen in the retail consumer market. Professional athletes have had the opportunity to fuel their talent with oxygen for decades. Now, it’s available in the retail space for consumers who both already know the benefits of oxygen and for those who are discovering it.

From the Sportsman’s Warehouse website: “Whether your passion is hunting, fishing, camping, backpacking or shooting, it’s important to have the right equipment when you head into the great outdoors. Quality gear gives you the edge you need to perform well and enjoy the journey. That’s why Sportsman’s Warehouse carries only top-quality, brand-name products for the serious outdoor enthusiast.

The mission at Sportsman’s Warehouse is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with quality merchandise in a friendly, low-key shopping environment. When you combine wide selection and great prices with a knowledgeable, expert staff that is eager to assist you, there’s really no reason to shop for your outdoor needs anywhere else.”

About Sportsman’s Warehouse:

Sportsman’s Warehouse serves outdoor enthusiasts by providing a large selection of top-quality, brand-name products essential to enjoying the great outdoors to the fullest. With complete product lines in hunting, fishing, camping and other outdoor pursuits, savvy outdoor shoppers know that Sportsman’s Warehouse is their one-stop shop for everything outdoors. To shop online, or to find the Sportsman’s Warehouse nearest you, visit

About Boost Oxygen:

Boost Oxygen is the #1 trusted brand of portable, lightweight 95% pure oxygen. Based in Milford, Connecticut, Boost Oxygen is a made in the USA product, available at retailers nationwide and exported worldwide. Boost is trusted and implemented by professional athletes, teams and organizations in the NFL, NHL, AHL, AFL, NCAA, Team USA; in addition to everyday athletes of all ages. Supplemental oxygen has a wide range of general health and wellness benefits for all people; and is safe for all ages. For more information, images and studies about the benefits of oxygen, visit: or contact Brian Hoek at Pinstripes Media. On social media, consumers post about their experiences on Facebook (@BoostOxygenUSA), Twitter (@BoostO2) and Instagram (@boostoxygen).

Brian Hoek
Pinstripes Media, LLC
+1 301-787-3743


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Boost Oxygen is available in Large (10 Liter), Medium (5 Liter) and Pocket Size (2 Liter) canisters, and you can select from the following aromas:  Natural, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Menthol-Eucalyptus and the new THINK TANK™.  We have thousands of retailers nationwide – check the U.S. Retailers page for one near you, or Shop Online if no retailers are available in close proximity to your location.



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Boost Oxygen is used by professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur athletes across the country because they know they can rely on the help that Boost Oxygen provides.


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