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Экспериментальные истории

Джастин Шолл из команды Lehigh Valley Spartans принимает участие в самом трудном американском состязании America's Toughest Mudder
P Prior to reading the full recap of the experience below, Justin also shared:  “Boost Oxygen is always part of my race training, I had a...
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В теннис часто играют в "жестоких условиях", поддержите свою игру с помощью Boost Oxygen
Here at the start of the 2018 U.S. Open, the constant talk from the commentators has been about the “brutal conditions” for the players. What they...
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Соревнования по теннису среди юниоров и Boost Oxygen
“Hi, my name is Gabriel Eusebio and I am a 13 year old competitive tennis player from Los Angeles, California. I am a USTA NetGeneration Ambassador that helps...
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Ветеран Майк Гарсия - на горе и в глуши
“Hello my name is Mike Garcia and I am from Firestone, Colorado. I’m a 90% disabled vet with nerve damage to my right arm and PTSD. Recently I went...
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Пьера Хадсон - "Киви на лыжах"!
Submitted by Piera Hudson: “I first got on skis when I was four years old, and every year for school holidays after that my parents would...
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Не позволяйте "высоте" разрушить ваши впечатления от Скалистых гор - Christy Sports' Ridge Report
Christy Sports has been a long-time and valued member of our retailer family – they have had Boost Oxygen in all their locations since back in...
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Увлечение ветерана Фрэнка Парадайза приключениями на природе и фотографией помогает его сослуживцам
“I am Frank P. Paradise III. I was injured while serving in the US Army overseas in 2010. I broke my 4 lower vertebrae (L3-S1) leaving me...
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Современный пятиборец и буст кислорода
“My name is Tyler Evans. I’m a modern pentathlete (swimming, fencing, shooting, running and horse jumping) training at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve been...
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