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Экспериментальные истории

Сьюзи и ее щенки наслаждаются высокогорными походами
Is Supplemental Oxygen Safe for Pets? You Bet! “I’m not a professional athlete, nor do I claim to have hiked the highest summits. Some people...
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Си Джей посвятил себя спорту бодибилдинга
“My name is CJ DeMarco. My fitness journey started when I was 14. I always loved to work out and play sports. I grew up...
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Регина - 24-летний профессиональный игрок в пиклбол, и ее путь не был легким
“My name is Regina Franco, I’m a professional pickleball player and I was formerly a professional racquetball player. I was born and raised in Mexico....
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Отзыв Boost: Йохан - воин в борьбе с рассеянным склерозом
From the Netherlands, Johan has an inspiring story of internal strength, drive and determination after being informed that he had Multiple Sclerosis. He also uses...
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Jamie is Essential and Implements Boost Both Professionally and Personally
We appreciate Jamie taking some time to share her feedback and perspectives about why and when she implements Boost. As a Certified Nurse Midwife, she...
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As a Registered Nurse and an Avid Runner, Erica Knows the Benefits of Boost Oxygen
“My name is Erica, and the two easiest ways to describe myself here is that I am an avid runner and a Registered Nurse; both...
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Времена года и виды деятельности меняются... опасности, связанные с гипоксией, остаются прежними
We are sharing the background of Brian Flick. He’s a Colorado local who is a climber, trail runner, and skier. He also knows about hypoxia...
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Сделка на 1 миллион долларов для Кевина О'Лири из Shark Tank с Boost Oxygen
A $1 Million Dollar Deal For Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary With Boost Oxygen If you missed BOOST OXYGEN’S appearance, watch SHARK TANK: Season 11, Episode...
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The Impact of Fear Amid the Coronavirus; Patrick Sweeney, ‘The Fear Guru’
“All your dreams are on the other side of fear”. – Patrick Sweeney Fear is a powerful emotion that easily paralyzes us and prevents us...
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