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Экспериментальные истории

Соревнования по теннису среди юниоров и Boost Oxygen
“Hi, my name is Gabriel Eusebio and I am a 13 year old competitive tennis player from Los Angeles, California. I am a USTA NetGeneration...
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Джастин Шолл и Бостонский марафон
Would you run the Boston Marathon if you only had 8 weeks to prepare; and have never run a marathon? Justin Scholl did not pass...
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Высшая лига триатлона и Boost Oxygen - партнеры на сезон 2018 года
Major League Triathlon And Boost Oxygen Partner For 2018 Season MILFORD, CT / Boost Oxygen, the world leader in portable oxygen products, has partnered...
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Пять парков для автофургонов рядом с потрясающими национальными парками или на их территории
Whether you’re a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or the last time you saw a national park was around the time the Brady Bunch Grand Canyon special came out,...
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Влияет ли высота на спортсменов на зимних Олимпийских играх 2018 года?
The organizers of this year’s winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea claim that the 2,300 foot altitude is “the best altitude for human biorhythm.” But...
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Поход на гору Лысая: кислородный баллончик помог этому туристу добраться до вершины
Ever had to turn around on a hike or an adventure because you were completely out of breath? Alphonso Duncan, a Boost Oxygen user, can...
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Почему вы можете продлить охоту с помощью Boost
Hunting is a primal way to connect with nature in the autumn season. Whether you’re scouting for the next spot to set up your tree...
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Новые размеры кислорода Boost на 2017/2018 год
New Boost Oxygen Sizes for 2017/2018 Introducing our new Large Boost Oxygen canister: 10 Liters and 200 Inhalations – the most on the market! Now...
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Этот фрискипер установил новый мировой рекорд ... спиной вперед
If you’ve ever found yourself marveling at how fast downhill skiers travel, then what Swiss freeskier Elias Ambühl achieved in February 2017 will surely impress....
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