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“My name is Regina Franco, I’m a professional pickleball player and I was formerly a professional racquetball player. I was born and raised in Mexico. Ever since I can remember, sports have been my passion in life. My mother and siblings have always been very involved in sports: racquetball, gymnastics, swimming, karate…a little bit of everything.”


“At the age of 12 and after overcoming a medical crisis, I knew that I wanted to participate in sports on a professional level. But one day, the doctors told me that I wasn’t going to be able to play any sport ever again…not even walk. That night my mother told me, “Choices of today will determine your future. You can give up today, walk away from your dreams and live a normal life. Or, you can pay the cost of the pain, the battles, and the days of thinking that you can’t anymore, to reach your dreams and live your best life. It’s up to you.”  The next day I stood up out of my bed, determined to fight, make it happen, and since then I’ve been dedicating every day to recover my health, the strength in my body and to fight for what I want.

A year later I competed in one of the biggest racquetball tournaments in my country’s “National Olympics” – and I won Gold!  At that moment, my life changed. I got the opportunity to represent my country, to be part of a brand, to travel around the USA with my siblings; teaching and bringing more people into the sport…but mostly, making my family feel proud of me. But, God had bigger plans than I imagined.”

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“One year after been competing in the professional racquetball tour, someone introduced me to pickleball. Then one year after that, I got an opportunity to dedicate myself to the fastest growing sport in America, but I had to make the decision to leave my family, my country, my traditions, everything I knew… it was not easy! Pickleball showed a lot to me during that time. I realized that I could do a lot of things to help people to have desire, to have goals again, to feel ALIVE!  Being able to help people this way has no comparison.”

“Nowadays, I’m 24, and after 3 years of been playing pickleball, I represent Head Pickleball on the professional tour. I’m ranked #15 in doubles and #17 in mixed doubles. What I love about this sport is that there are no limitations. No matter what your age is or your physical condition you can play it, enjoy it, compete and create goals. Pickleball players, and athletes in general, are always looking for good quality products that will help us to perform at 100 percent.”


“In one of my first tournaments inside of pickleball (that I remember) was ‘Tournament of Champions’ in Utah. I was very nervous, excited, happy…you know, a mix of emotions – plus, this was at a different altitude. I was having breathing problems and one of my friends recommended Boost to me, and I can say it: Boost Oxygen is one of the only products that has given me that little push in my competitions and practices. Boost has helped me to feel good and trust in myself; even when I think that I can’t do it anymore.”


“Sports are like life, what you express and how you perform on the court under stressful situations it’s who you really are (that’s why we are very picky at the time to choose our equipment). Like my mother said: “Choices of today will determine your future. Trust your heart and follow your dreams, no matter what the cost.”

“Life is life.. you will have up and downs but the key is not getting used to the process. It’s to learn and move to the next chapter where YOU ARE THE CHAMPION.”

Thank you for sharing your inspirational journey, Regina! Your Mother provided you with the motivation and you have truly showed the strength to deliver.

To follow Regina’s career, you can follow her on Instagram: @reginafrancopickleball and on Facebook: @MReginaFranco. If you have any questions about the sport of Pickleball, drop a message to Regina and introduce yourself! And look for her on any pickleball courts around her home state of Florida. Not only does she play professionally, she also plays it for fun!