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Submitted by Piera Hudson:
“I first got on skis when I was four years old, and every year for school holidays after that my parents would bundle us up and take my brother and I down to the mountains. I got scouted for ski racing when I was 8 years old and went over to Switzerland that summer for training. Since then I’ve racked up 15 years of 30 back to back winters between the Hemispheres. I’ve been lucky enough to see a lot of the world and meet a lot of friends while competing and even spent two years going to school at Stratton Mountain School in Vermont.


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All smiles when the breathing is easy???? @boostoxygen #????onskis

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I live in a sunny place called Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand – away from any type of skiable mountains and in fact, at sea level. Every year I start my Northern Hemisphere winter training and racing in Colorado. As much as I try my hardest to prepare my body and lungs in my physical training leading up to a season, it’s always a shock to the system going from living and training at sea level to pushing hard at 12,000 ft. We only spend a month there every year and we always get straight into training when we arrive so it doesn’t leave much room to acclimatise to the high altitude and lack of oxygen.

I discovered Boost Oxygen last November, 2017 and I immediately noticed the difference it made to my on hill training. After each run in gates I was able to take in a few breathes on the chairlift and felt ready to go again by the time I got back to the top. It was a welcomed change after spending a week sucking in air, feeling like the unfittest person in the world and with the help of Boost Oxygen I was able to get more quantity and a lot better quality of training during that block. I definitely wouldn’t want to go back to feeling like a puffer fish.”

We were proud to learn from Piera, and connect with her via social media, that she discovered Boost while in Colorado during her training last winter! Follow her career, because it’s just getting started – you can also learn about the three (3) ways to support her:  Piera Hudson Website

DID YOU KNOW? We have an official distributor in New Zealand, follow them on Instagram: Boost Oxygen New Zealand