“Need to catch my Breath”… “I’m Winded”… “Need a Break”… “I’m Gassed”… “Timeout” – terms athletes use when they are taken out of action. Hands on hips. Heavy breathing. Wheezing. Head down, hunched over. Just give me a minute. The clock continues. The other team scores. The opponent wins.  The image of the Pro Football player reaching for the Oxygen mask is commonplace. It makes sense.  Boost Oxygen portable oxygen canisters make the same experience possible to anyone who needs it. 

Athletes everywhere use Boost Oxygen, including football, basketball, baseball, tennis, hockey and more! Boost Oxygen is also perfect for anyone who enjoys working out and training. Water is important for hydration – but proper oxygenation fuels your cells to power your tissues and muscles for better performance and faster recovery. 

The human body needs oxygen to create energy to power your tissues, organs, cells, and brain, which require even more during sports performance. Without enough oxygen, you can experience shortness of breath, lightheadedness, fatigue, and dizziness – especially during and following periods of strenuous or aerobic activity.

In addition, using supplemental oxygen can improve your VO2 Max, which can help optimize sports performance and reduce recovery time following athletic activity. VO2 Max is a measurement of the maximum rate at which oxygen can be effectively utilized during exercise by the body – specifically the heart, lungs, and muscles. It’s used to measure someone’s aerobic capacity.

Many athletes use portable oxygen on the sidelines to prepare their bodies for optimal performance on the field. Game day means an increase in breathing and heart rate, and higher oxygen needs. Providing the body with more oxygen allows for more energy and faster recuperation.

For runners and endurance athletes, supplemental oxygen can be used to avoid muscle cramps and possibly reduce risk for injury. When you inhale oxygen, it’s absorbed into your blood, where hemoglobin proteins in red blood cells carry it to your muscles and tissues. Increasing oxygen availability can improve this whole process.

Purified oxygen is also approved for use during training and competition by the USADA (United States Anti-Doping Agency) and WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency).


Study: Physiological Effects of Supplemental Concentrated Oxygen in VO2 Kinetics During Steady-State Exercise

View the Study

Study: The Effect of Inhaling Concentrated Oxygen on Performance during Repeated Anaerobic Exercise

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Study: Inadequate Cerebral Oxygen Delivery and Central Fatigue during Strenuous Exercise

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Is Hyperoxic Training The Next Big Thing?

By CTS Pro Coach Jim Rutberg

Athletes who have traveled between sea level and moderate altitude (5,000-10,000 feet above sea level) know the impact less oxygen per breath can have on performance. Power at lactate threshold decreases, you breathe faster, your heart rate increases, and you get out of breath faster. All these things make training at altitude more difficult, at least until the body adapts. But these same dynamics can be used in reverse by training with supplemental oxygen.


Read the Full Article at:


Study: Influence of Hyperoxic-Supplemented High-Intensity Interval Training on Hemotological and Muscle Mitochondrial Adaptations in Trained Cyclists

Background: Hyperoxia (HYPER) increases O2 carrying capacity resulting in a higher O2 delivery to the working muscles during exercise. Several lines of evidence indicate that lactate metabolism, power output, and endurance are improved by HYPER compared to normoxia (NORM). Since HYPER enables a higher exercise power output compared to NORM and considering the O2 delivery limitation at exercise intensities near to maximum, we hypothesized that hyperoxic-supplemented high-intensity interval training (HIIT) would upregulate muscle mitochondrial oxidative capacity and enhance endurance cycling performance compared to training in normoxia.


Read the Full Study at:


Study: The Effects on the Respiration and Performance during Exercise of Adding Oxygen to the Inspired Air

There have been several reports in the literature of the effects of oxygen on the respiration and performance during heavy work. The most extensive of these was by Asmussen & Nielsen (1946) who showed, among other things, that during moderately severe exercise on the bicycle ergometer the addition of oxygen to the inspired air resulted in a marked and sudden depression of the respiration.


Read the Full Study at:


Independent Study Shows Boost Oxygen can Significantly Increase Blood Oxygen Saturation

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Recommended Use

Try Boost Oxygen’s Large canister in Peppermint. For strenuous sports, take three-to-five inhalations before an event, three-to-five during a rest period, and three-to-five at the end to speed recovery and stay on top of your game.

Teams / Athletes in the Following Leagues are Blasting with BOOST!

NHL • NFLMLBNBANCAA PGA • Arena Football League American Hockey League • World Long Drive •  National Women’s Hockey League • United States Hockey League • Major League Triathlon • Major League Lacrosse • Major League Soccer • Major League Rugby

Teams / Athletes in the Following Leagues are Blasting with BOOST!

NHL • NFLMLBNBANCAA PGA • Arena Football League American Hockey League • World Long Drive •  National Women’s Hockey League • United States Hockey League • Major League Triathlon • Major League Lacrosse • Major League Soccer • Major League Rugby

“I have had some really positive responses to Boost; it went from being a luxury to a necessity around our locker room. Players tell me they can’t play without it!”

Brad Chavis, Head Athletic Trainer
Syracuse Crunch

“For reducing fatigue and aiding in recovery, I will always have a bottle of Boost with me; so will SMASH!”

Joey Trujillo-Bini, Athletic Trainer

“The role of oxygen for fueling the body and mind’s activities is vitally important. Proper breathing is a great way to start; and supplemental oxygen can really be beneficial. We love Boost, it gives us more stamina during our exercise and speeds up recovery.”

Tanya Miszko Kefer, Ed. D. L. Ac.
Exercise Physiologist and Acupuncturist

“Boost has been a perfect adjunct on the bench for my players during games to give them that split second edge recovering from their shift.”

Brian Grogesky, LAT, MS, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Lehigh Valley Phantoms

“Boost Oxygen’s innovative and creative solution to oxygen supplementation allowed me to deliver oxygen to my players at home and on the road conveniently, effectively and economically. It helped me keep my players confident, comfortable and performing at their best. Boost is definitely a game changer for my team.”

Jeffrey Lambert-Shemo, AT
Dir. Of Sports Medicine, NovaCare Rehabilitation – North Ohio

“Boost Oxygen is a difference maker. For professional hockey players, it’s easy to integrate in-game and easy to travel with. Boost is a great tool to help players compete at their optimal level.”

Philip E. Watson, MS, ATC, OTC

Justin Magallanez

Founder and Head Physical Preparation Director, CREATIN’ MONSTERS

“Through the vision of a child, CREATIN’ MONSTERS has been a brand that has been involved in the community since 2002. In 2008, after working for several corporate and highly recognized sports training facilities, my family and I had decided to open CREATIN’ MONSTERS in our 2 car garage. Throughout the years, I’ve gained knowledge through many experiences working with NFL/MLB/NBA/AFL organizations – Developing personal and team training for Professional, Collegiate and high school level, including professional UFC Fighters. In my years of training, I’ve also played dual-roles as a football position coach as well as an assistant strength coach at the collegiate and high school level. I have 15+ years of experience, as well as a Bachelors in Exercise Science and achieving my Masters in Biomechanics; with 17 certifications such as CSCS, and all levels of NASM certifications. Throughout my career, I’ve obtained achievements becoming a Master Instructor for Vertimax and Power Plate, also working with great companies becoming a sponsored coach with Marc Pro, Rapid Reboot, Cryotherapy, and Boost Oxygen. Over the course of my career, I personally have had the privilege to play football at the collegiate and professional level. This has provided me with the knowledge and experience which has allowed me to perfect my craft in my profession.”  Read More

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Being at your best isn’t always easy, and Boost Oxygen is here to help. Whether you ski, hike, run, walk, work out, do yoga, play sports, need increased energy, or maybe celebrated just a little too much last night, help is here with Boost Oxygen!

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Are you heading up to higher elevations? Supplemental oxygen is recommended to help with altitude acclimation


Boost Oxygen is used by professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur athletes across the country because they know they can rely on the help that Boost Oxygen provides.


Studies show that supplemental oxygen is an all-natural health and wellness aid that promotes recovery, sharpens mental acuity, and helps generate energy at the cellular level.


Supplemental oxygen can help recovery. Whether you are exhausted from a tough workout or still feeling last night’s cocktail party, supplemental oxygen can help you recover and get back to your best.


THINK TANK™ is a  combination of Oxygen and Organic Rosemary aroma.  It is a revolutionary nootropic… the first all-natural, inhalable, cognitive support product.