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Oxygen Helps Your Eyesight – A Pilot Explains How

Oxygen deficiency can have negative effects on your eyesight, which is important at night when you are dealing with glare, oncoming headlights, poorly lit roads and weather conditions. It’s especially important for airline pilots, who need to have good vision while flying for many safety reasons. The rods inside the retina (which process how you see light) are very sensitive to oxygen. With less oxygen, your eyes struggle to process light. In fact, the FAA (Federation Aviation Administration) guidelines on pilot safety from hypoxia include “using supplemental oxygen at night, because vision is particularly sensitive to diminished oxygen, a prudent rule is to use supplemental oxygen when flying above 6,000 feet”.

But don’t just take it from us – hear it from an actual pilot from our aviation friends at Sporty’s Pilot Shops. Sporty’s Doug Ranly shares three of his favorite pilot hacks for night flights, from headlamps to oxygen.


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Boost Oxygen for Flying

Boost Oxygen for Flying