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Is aanvullende zuurstof veilig om te gebruiken?

When people first learn about supplemental oxygen, they often have several common questions. One such common question we are asked: “Is supplemental oxygen safe to use?”. The short answer is yes, supplemental oxygen is completely safe if used as directed. Supplemental oxygen is used by both healthy people and those that require it for medical purposes.

The difference between Boost Oxygen and Medical Oxygen

Another common question people ask is the difference between Boost Oxygen and medical oxygen prescribed by a doctor. Medical grade oxygen that treats an illness and requires a prescription is defined as 99.2% or higher pure oxygen. Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure supplemental oxygen intended for healthy people as an all-natural respiratory support. No prescription is needed to purchase and use Boost Oxygen.

Is Supplemental Oxygen flammable? No.

This is by far THE MOST common misconception we see posted about oxygen. Oxygen itself is NOT flammable and does NOT burn. But it can feed an EXISTING fire, so it’s dangerous to use any oxygen tank around something that is burning because it will help the fire burn more quickly. In other words, oxygen isn’t the problem – it’s the existing fire. Watch this video from Live with Kelly and Ryan to see the proof during their experiment involving a balloon filled with pure oxygen (the oxygen experiment starts at 2:00 into the video) 

Are there side effects from using too much Supplemental Oxygen?

No, there are no side effects from using too much supplemental oxygen like Boost Oxygen.

However, people who overuse MEDICAL-GRADE oxygen may experience mild side effects like skin irritation and dryness in the nasal or throat passages. A humidifier or ointments can help prevent and treat dryness. There are also cases of oxygen toxicity by overuse, but these are extremely rare and require many hours of hyperventilating pure medical oxygen.

Please keep in mind, these are possible side effects from medical-grade oxygen therapy, and not a supplemental oxygen product like Boost Oxygen.

Why Boost Oxygen is safe to use

Boost Oxygen is not a substitute for individuals who have been prescribed medical oxygen for health reasons. It is solely intended for non-medical use. It is completely safe and hermetically sealed during production, blocking any dirt or bacteria from the canister. An advantage we have over imitator products is that our canisters are tamper resistant. During our production process, we shrink-wrap our large and medium canisters (and seal and cap our pocket size cans) to create a safety barrier between human contact and the environment. Our competitors do not have this same safety precaution with their products. Learn more about Boost Oxygen in this video below as Katie answers common questions about Boost: