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Van Hawaiian Hills naar Desert Red Rocks, Boost Oxygen Took these People Farther
There’s no one part of the country that has a monopoly on fun challenges. From coast to coast, and certainly beyond the continental U.S., there...
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Heeft Elevatie bij de Olympische Winterspelen 2018 een impact op de atleten?
The organizers of this year’s winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea claim that the 2,300 foot altitude is “the best altitude for human biorhythm.” But...
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Wandelen op Mount Baldy: zuurstof uit blik hielp deze wandelaar naar de top
Ever had to turn around on a hike or an adventure because you were completely out of breath? Alphonso Duncan, a Boost Oxygen user, can...
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Waarom je de jacht langer kunt volhouden met Boost
Hunting is a primal way to connect with nature in the autumn season. Whether you’re scouting for the next spot to set up your tree...
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Nieuwe Boost Zuurstofmaten voor 2017/2018
New Boost Oxygen Sizes for 2017/2018 Introducing our new Large Boost Oxygen canister: 10 Liters and 200 Inhalations – the most on the market! Now...
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Deze freeskiër vestigde een nieuw wereldrecord... Achterstevoren.
If you’ve ever found yourself marveling at how fast downhill skiers travel, then what Swiss freeskier Elias Ambühl achieved in February 2017 will surely impress....
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26,2 Miles of Wow: De 6 mooiste marathons in Amerika
If running a marathon has been on your bucket list for years (or decades) now, it’s time to finally cross it off. Running 26.2 miles...
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De herfst is de perfecte tijd om het meest extreme nationale park van de VS te bezoeken.
Death Valley is known for extremes. The hottest temperature ever recorded on Earth was recorded here, at 129 degrees Fahrenheit, and it regularly hits the...
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3 Tijden waarop u opgelucht zult zijn dat u Boost Zuurstof in uw auto hebt
Travel exposes us to all kinds of new things. We’re exploring new climates, trying new activities, and pushing our body to do more than we...
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Kijk hoe freeride mountainbikers de kliffen van Virgin Utah bedwingen
Freeride mountain biking isn’t for the faint of heart — even watching athletes plunge bike and body over steep, treacherous terrain will leave your pulse...
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