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All-Natural Respiratory Support or Camping: Boost Oxygen Review

The SanTan Sun News has some great ideas for what to take camping including insect repellant, water filters and Boost Oxygen. “Boost Oxygen?” you say, “Why would I want or need canned oxygen when I go camping? I’m not climbing MT. Everest.”


Hear us out. The last time you went camping, did you get terrific sleep, or was your sleeping pad a little less comfortable than your mattress at home? What about waking up early? Did you have neighbors that got up earlier than you or did the birds or other wildlife decide that it was time to wake everyone up at 5am? Were you more active taking day trips and hiking or biking or rafting near your campsite?


Guess what! All-natural respiratory relief comes in handy in all of those applications. When you don’t sleep great you can grab a can of oxygen to help boost your energy levels first thing. It’s super helpful when you didn’t get the sleep you wanted or you woke up a bit too early. Supplemental oxygen is also great for hiking, biking and rafting, too. It’s the perfect way to make a hike or bike ride more enjoyable because the 95% pure oxygen helps your muscles with aerobic respiration and recovery from anaerobic respiration.