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All-Natural Respiratory Support for Any Conditions

Where do real men live? Probably in Canada. Probably other places, too, but when AskMen Canada ask the manliest man at Boost Oxygen, Mike Grice. As a former Marine Colonel, Mike knows a thing or two about hiking in harsh conditions (he served in Iraq and Afghanistan) and growing a killer mustache. While there are certainly not the same hot and dry conditions in Canada that there are in the Middle East, the Canadian Rockies do boast some incredible elevation. 


Not only can all-natural respiratory support come in handy in harsh conditions. In the hot-dry conditions of the desert, Boost Oxygen can give you a much needed break from the dust and sand that are typically present in the air. In hot and humid conditions, it can be hard to breath and supplemental oxygen can help alleviate the stress on your respiratory system that those conditions bring. 


What about dry and cold conditions? Yes, oxygen to go can help when you it feels like it is difficult to breath in the cold conditions in the Midwest or in the mountains. Supplemental oxygen can also help in the wet and cold conditions that are so prevalent in the Pacific Northwest winters when you can feel chilled to the bone despite all of your layers.