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Boost Oxygen is now available at all nationwide locations of Pure Hockey. With hockey players at all levels of the sport implementing Boost (including the current Stanley Cup Champions, the Tampa Bay Lightning), our 95% pure sports oxygen supports on-the-ice performance, on-the-bench recovery and game results.  Certified Athletic Trainers of the NHL, AHL, ECHL, USHL, SPHL, and NCAA are implementing Boost for the benefit of their players.

As a safe-for-all-ages sports performance product, youth, high school and adult league teams are also supporting their game and tournament play with Boost. 
Certified Athletic Trainer Phil Watson (formerly of the New York Islanders and now with the Minnesota Wild) says “Boost Oxygen is a difference maker. For professional players, it’s easy to integrate in-game and easy to travel with. Boost is a great tool to help players compete at their optimal level.”
From the Tampa Bay Lightning, after winning the Stanley Cup, Athletic Trainer Tom Mulligan shared, “The Conn Smythe Trophy winner, powered by Boost.”
The most supremely conditioned athletes playing the fastest game on the planet are implementing Boost Oxygen. Support your game with a Boost from a Pure Hockey store location closest to you – #EveryShiftMatters.