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Boost Oxygen Announces New Look Aromas – Same Great Pure Supplemental Oxygen

Boost Oxygen, the worldwide leader in portable supplemental oxygen canisters, is happy to announce our new-look aroma canister designs, coming soon to retailers nationwide.

Boost Oxygen REVIVE, BREATHE and BALANCE are joining our current Natural, Camo, Stars & Stripes and Sport designs. The new-look canisters will begin to replace existing aroma canisters on our website and at retailers and pharmacies nationwide during the remainder of the year.


“We are constantly looking at ways to improve and evolve our pure oxygen products, and we believe the new label designs better explain the benefits of the individual aromas to our customers,” said Rob Neuner, Founder of Boost Oxygen. “We’re excited about re-introducing our aroma canisters in a new and refreshing way.”

BOOST OXYGEN BREATHE (Menthol-Eucalyptus)


Take a deep breath of Boost Oxygen BREATHE! Boost Oxygen BREATHE is 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen enhanced with the popular Menthol-Eucalyptus Aroma for all-natural respiratory and breathing support. Menthol-Eucalyptus Aroma is known for soothing airways. Breathe better, feel better.


Energize with Boost Oxygen REVIVE! Boost Oxygen REVIVE is 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen enhanced with Peppermint Aroma for all-natural respiratory and energy support. Peppermint Aroma is known for invigoration.


Boost your mood with Boost Oxygen BALANCE! Boost Oxygen BALANCE is 95% Pure Supplemental Oxygen enhanced with the pleasant Pink Grapefruit Aroma for all-natural respiratory and mood support. Restorative Pink Grapefruit Aroma is known for mood and well-being.


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