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Matt Cameron

We are sharing the story of Matthew Cameron – an up and coming young tennis player who, despite only taking up the game a couple years ago, has performed well and moved up the USTA rankings, to be currently ranked #34 in the USTA Mid-Atlantic…keep up the good work, Matthew!

“My name is Matthew and I am a fourteen-year-old competitive junior tennis player from Virginia.  I am a rising 9th grader and honor roll student.  I like and have played other sports like travel basketball, soccer, and baseball.  I come from a hard-working family and I wanted to dedicate myself to one sport to excel, having a single focus.  I started playing tennis in the summer of 2018 and competed in my first USTA tournament in late fall. At first, I wasn’t very good at tennis but gradually over time I started to see results.  Last summer I worked especially hard and focused on certain aspects of my game.”

Matt Cameron 1

“In my spare time I like to travel, read biographies, flyfish, and play board games.  I am a huge fan of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.  They inspire me to do better and hold myself to a high standard.  Always give my best and have a certain mentality to dominate.” 

Matt Cameron_Photo Credit Tyler McBee 3

“An aspect of my game or ritual is utilizing a towel to help reset my focus from the previous point.  I also use Boost Oxygen during match changeovers as well as during training to increase my oxygen levels and blood circulation to help with recovery.  When I ‘Boost-up‘ I feel more refreshed and I have increased focus to help secure challenging matches when I need to be at my best.”

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You can keep up with Matthew on his tennis journey by following him on Instagram: @mattcamtennis

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Photo Credit: Tyler McBee Sports & Events Photography