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“Thank you to Boost Oxygen for setting up a scheduled delivery so that we had two cases waiting for us in Denver, Colorado for our Fencing Team’s trip to The Junior Olympics! Also would like to shoutout to our partner clubs H3 Fencing, The Phoenix Center, New Amsterdam Academy North, and Silver City Fencing.

Kolakowski Sabre Academy’s Story:  “We are a Fencing team based primarily out of Poughkeepsie, NY with locations in Port Chester, NY and Wallingford, CT and coach athletes in the Olympic Sport of Fencing. Just this past weekend we had one of our biggest events of the year in Denver, Colorado; USA Fencing’s Junior Olympics! This is the final event in the Junior and Cadet age group and the final event for World Team selection. Additionally, NCAA coaches are walking around the room scouting athletes and seeing who is up and coming in the pipeline.”

KSA is an internationally known training center whose athletes fence Internationally and are being recruited into top NCAA programs. Due to the high stakes of every event, we are constantly looking for anything that can give us even a 1% edge, and man did Boost Oxygen deliver!”

“It started way before the event where we contacted Paul at Boost Oxygen and he set us up with a scheduled delivery so that we had 10L bottles waiting at our hotel for each member of our travel squad. Just walking around a mile above sea level we noticed a huge difference, so we started using it even before the competition to help acclimatize.”

“Then when it came to the actual competition, Wow what a difference. Other competitors were cramping, getting altitude sickness, and running out of steam at the most critical moments. Fencing (we compete in Sabre) is in its simplest form a series of sprints while having to play chess. We need not only the air in our lungs to get ready to make another charge, but we also need a clear head so we can make the best tactical choice. Oxygenated blood flow is the key to removing lactic acid buildup in muscles, as well as cycle through all the hormones and chemicals that they body depletes and replenishes while competing. Every time one of our team members took a breath of the canister we saw a noticeable change in their acceleration, mental acuity, and accuracy.”

“It helped our team members out of the 2,000 Competitors this place weekend earn National Points, propelling ever closer to that elusive World Team, Top 100 Finishes individually and Top 32 Finishes in each the Men’s and Women’s Team events!”


“Thank you again to the great people behind an amazing product!”

Dennis Kolakowski

Kolakowski Sabre Academy