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Kevin O’Leary invests in the benefits of Boost Oxygen

Shark Tank star Mr. Wonderful Kevin O’Leary not only invests in Boost Oxygen, but he also enjoys the benefits of our portable 95% pure oxygen for all-natural respiratory support! Watch the videos below: Kevin O’Leary on the benefits of using Boost Oxygen and a recent appearance showcasing the product on the popular shopping network QVC.  In October 2019, Mr. Wonderful invested in Boost Oxygen during Season 11, Episode 2 of Shark Tank.

“Getting a million-dollar deal on Shark Tank was super-validating for our business and our concept of portable canned oxygen”, says Rob Neuner, CEO / Co-Founder of Boost Oxygen. “It’s one of the largest deals in the history of the Shark Tank program and having Kevin O’Leary on board will help showcase to the world the many and truly “wonderful” attributes our Boost Oxygen can provide.”

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