Katie Explains: How Boost Oxygen helps during Outdoor Activities

Apr 19, 2021

Katie is back with her latest video as she explains why Boost Oxygen is ideal for outdoor activities including camping, hiking, running, biking, tennis, golf and more. Hydration with water is important during your outdoor adventures, but so is proper oxygenation! Katie explains why:

Get Out There And Enjoy The Outdoors With Boost Oxygen

Warmer weather has finally arrived and millions of people will once again get out there and enjoy nature and the great outdoors. Whether your outdoor adventure is for sport, leisure, exercise or travel, we want to remind you that using Boost Oxygen can help you in so many ways during the spring and summer months.

FACT: The air we breathe contains only 21% oxygen. The majority is 78% nitrogen. Many people are surprised to learn that fact. Our body requires oxygen to fuel itself. Your lungs feed oxygen to your cells. Your cells use oxygen to create energy from nutrients to power your body. Without proper oxygen intake you can experience fatigue, shortness of breath, headaches, dizziness and more.

Boost Oxygen is portable 95% pure supplemental oxygen for all-natural respiratory support. No prescription is needed. It is used by athletes for recovery, older adults for an active lifestyle, people at high altitudes for altitude acclimation and those experiencing poor air quality. Boost provides nearly 5x the pure oxygen you breathe normally. Boost Oxygen is easy and immediate access to supplemental oxygen. As you enjoy the warmer weather and the outdoors, we hope you will support your health and wellness with Boost Oxygen!

You can order Boost Oxygen online at our store or at our many retail partners nationwide. To find a retailer near you, visit the retail locator on our website.

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Get Out There and enjoy hiking and camping with Boost Oxygen

America’s beautiful national parks will be filling up with plenty of campers! Boost Oxygen provides pure supplemental oxygen after sitting around the smoke from a relaxing campfire. Our product also helps you wake up and clear the cobwebs after a night spent inside a tent or RV camper. Many people also like to camp and hike at higher altitudes – and Boost Oxygen helps with altitude acclimation and can help fight the symptoms of altitude sickness.



Get Out There and enjoy exercising with Boost Oxygen

“Need to catch my Breath”… “I’m Winded”… “Need a Break” – terms everyone uses while pushing their body during sports and exercise. Boost Oxygen provides 95% pure oxygen to help you get back to peak performance. Whether you need to catch your breath during a quick run or a marathon, taking a break from a hike or a bike ride, or competing on the court in basketball or tennis, Boost Oxygen helps you recover quicker!

During the warmer months, senior citizens are especially effected by the heat and humidity. If you struggle to catch your breath after a walk outside, climbing stairs or keeping up with the grandkids, using supplemental oxygen like Boost Oxygen can help!



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Being at your best isn’t always easy, and Boost Oxygen is here to help. Whether you ski, hike, run, walk, work out, do yoga, play sports, need increased energy, or maybe celebrated just a little too much last night, help is here with Boost Oxygen!

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Are you heading up to higher elevations? Supplemental oxygen is recommended to help with altitude acclimation


Boost Oxygen is used by professional, collegiate, high school, and amateur athletes across the country because they know they can rely on the help that Boost Oxygen provides.


Studies show that supplemental oxygen is an all-natural health and wellness aid that promotes recovery, sharpens mental acuity, and helps generate energy at the cellular level.


Supplemental oxygen can help recovery. Whether you are exhausted from a tough workout or still feeling last night’s cocktail party, supplemental oxygen can help you recover and get back to your best.


THINK TANK™ is a  combination of Oxygen and Organic Rosemary aroma.  It is a revolutionary nootropic… the first all-natural, inhalable, cognitive support product.



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Clean, natural, odorless, tasteless, 95% pure Aviator's Breathing Oxygen.


100% natural, water-based essence of Peppermint Aviator's Breathing Oxygen.


100% natural, water-based essence of Pink Grapefruit Aviator's Breathing Oxygen.


100% natural, water-based essence of Menthol-Eucalyptus Aviator's Breathing Oxygen.


An inhalable Nootropic: 100% natural, water-based essence of Organic Rosemary (5L/10L).


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Boost Oxygen is available in Large (10 Liter), Medium (5 Liter), and our NEW Pocket Size (3 Liter) canisters, and you can select from the following aromas:  Natural, Peppermint, Pink Grapefruit, Menthol-Eucalyptus and the new THINK TANK™.  We have thousands of retailers nationwide - check the U.S. Retailers page for one near you, or Shop Online if no retailers are available in close proximity to your location.