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Shared by Athletic Trainer Joey Trujillo-Bini:

“Where do I start. I came across Boost Oxygen during my first time at Aspen Mountain; and I thought it was a joke. A few months later I saw it in social media and it was targeting athletes. I knew that our athletes that were training with us back in Denver, Colorado at high altitude could benefit from Boost Oxygen. Many of them were coming from sea level, could feel the effects of the altitude, and we needed to help them. I was skeptical at first…but it worked and it worked great. I even began to use it myself to help me through training sessions or even waking up at 5am.

We have since relocated our business and now live in Florida. Our elevation has changed but our use of the product has not. For reducing fatigue and aiding in recovery, I will always have a bottle of Boost with me; so will SMASH!”


Joey Trujillo-Bini has the experience to train current and past pro football players, and, high school athletes who have aspirations of becoming professional. For more information, you can email Joey at:

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