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Jim Pierce competes in Strongman competitions…we connected with him through comments on our Facebook page and asked him to share his story:
“On June 8, 2019, I traveled to Columbus Ohio to compete at United States Strongman Corp. Nationals in the lightweight Masters 198 lb class for the first time; in this weight class, being 48 years old, you need any help you can get – so I found Boost Oxygen to help with quick recovery during the events.”
“This was the largest strongman event ever being held at the location of the largest sports festival – ‘The Arnold’. One event I was worried about was the sandbag carry sled drag – with the weights of 220 lb and 260 lb sandbags carried 50 feet then loaded onto a steel sled dragged back 50 feet.
After completing the first bag the 220 lb sandbag – we had the choice of picking either bag…in hindsight I should have went with the 260 lb one first – I used my can of Boost Oxygen while running back to get the 260 lb (which is a weight I have never been able to pick up before). I was able to get the bag up and move at a good pace, making it about 45 feet before dropping it. After picking it up and dropping it twice, I was able to load it onto the sled and made it back about 20 feet before time ran out.”

Click or tap the image to play the video; timing matters and even a quick blast helps Jim during competition.

“I do think that Boost Oxygen was a big part of me being able to get as far as did and I was asked after the event what the can I had was because it seemed to give me a boost of energy .”
Thank You,

New Hampshire State Chair, Strongman Corporation                                                                                                                        Promoter, Granite State Strongman Competition


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