Jamie Kreider Lives A Life Of ‘Beautiful Misadventures’

Aug 30, 2019

We truly treasure the opportunities we have to engage with those who integrate Boost into their lives; and value those who take the time to share with us how Boost Oxygen impacts and supports their lifestyles.

Today, we are connected to and sharing the experiences and adventures of Jamie Kreider of Colorado, USA; he also has his own blog site ‘Beautiful Misadventures’ that features topics of Gavin, Hiking Adventures, Running, Family, and Teaching.

From Jamie:

“Life can take you on many different journeys.  Some on trails. Others just day to day life. I have found that many of us are stuck in a routine. A rut. A day to day kind of grind.  Get up, go to work, go home, eat dinner, go to bed. Then repeat. So many of us have our hands about 6 inches from our face and can only see the occasional peripheral view.  

There is so much more out there if you take your hands and move them further and further away and get out and explore.  

Someone took my hands and moved them back and opened them up a few years ago.  They took me up in high altitude on a Colorado 14er. And since that moment I have never looked back. It’s like my whole world was opened up.  A renewed spirit. Now, I am getting closer to finishing all 58 of them. Now, I am sharing that passion, that love with others. Seeing their faces light up.  Getting them out of their house and exploring the world they would not otherwise know.

As well as exploring the 14ers, I have also been trail running the past few years.  Trying races of all distances from 5k’s all the way to 100+ milers. For me it is all about exploring.  Having your feet take you places you can’t see at your desk, classroom, in a car, or any other way. I have seen untouched land with massive meadows of wildflowers.  I have been alone and have seen all types of wildlife. My life has changed. “And into the forest I go to lose my mind and find my soul,” John Muir.

Boost Oxygen has also supported me on my adventures.  I always have a can tucked in my backpack. Whether it is the little can or a large one for bigger adventures.  People always ask me about the big pink can in my pack when I am on a 14er. So, I take it out and share with them.  It’s especially fun toward the final pitch of a summit. When they are struggling. To see the new life sort of hit them.  I always make sure to carry it with me for these reasons. It has become a part of my gear list too! It helps me reach new distances.”  

Jamie and his crew of the Ragnar Trail Rally; the name of their team reflects their collective sense of humor. Team Altitude Sickness was comprised of amazing individuals who aim to be “Doing Sick Things At Altitude”.

Since 2007, Boost Oxygen has become the #1 trusted worldwide brand of 95% pure oxygen; making the benefits of oxygen portable, lightweight and convenient. Follow Boost Oxygen on social media to see where some other amazing people and athletes are integrating Boost into their protocols of a healthy, active, athletic and adventurous lifestyle: Facebook: Boost Oxygen USA, Instagram: @BoostOxygen, Twitter: @BoostO2

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