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He’s incredibly unique…we dare to say, there isn’t another one like him. He makes you smile, laugh and leaves an indelible impression – along with the beverage you ordered! We are very proud to share the story of Shakey, the Lemonade Shaking Guy.

“Around 23 years ago an intense, gregarious, and fun little guy jumped into the limelight; that guy was me. It all started at Oriole Park at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland; and it took off from there. It has become much bigger than I ever expected and perhaps that’s what makes me more energized and genuine. When I don the crazy outfit and focus my energies, the gift of laughter is priceless!!!”

“What a great combination – the love of entertaining and the desire to make anyone laugh and have a great time!!!!!”

“From shaking it up at the Orioles, Ravens, Redskins, Capitals, Preakness, Nationals, concerts venues and so many more events it is a privilege to entertain so many people and give the best service I can.”

“I have a motto “Your job is to relax. My job is to serve. So, kick back and let Shakey do all the work for you.”

So from shaking at the sports venues to branching out to private parties such as Mitzvahs, weddings, golf tournaments, motivational speaking, sales meetings, birthdays, roasts, liquor promotions, auctioneering, corporate parties (and so many more!), I discovered Boost Oxygen several years ago. It has been an integral part of supporting my stamina for sporting events. When you work long events it helps with blood flow and muscle support since I am constantly on-the-move. And a very important part for me is the support for my voice!  I’m using it constantly – you definitely know I’m on-site. Even if you don’t see me, you’ll hear me.”

“When I’m doing a live auction and you have many items to auction off, a few blasts of Boost Oxygen help my voice and my body.”

“Thank you, Boost Oxygen, for being an important role in The Lemonade Shaking Guy’s performances and helping to get me over the hump in the crucial moments.”


Shakey, the Lemonade Shaking Guy

Learn more about Shakey at his website: and follow him up on Instagram: @lemonadeshakingguy104