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Studi scientifici a sostegno dei benefici dell'ossigeno supplementare

There are published reports by scientists, researchers and universities that support supplemental oxygen for all-natural respiratory support.

Before we address the health benefits of supplemental oxygen, we feel it’s important to provide official laboratory results that certify our oxygen content. When some people first hear about our product, they ask if it is “canned air”. Boost Oxygen is 95% pure oxygen. Fact: The air you normally breathe contains only 21% oxygen. The majority is 78% useless nitrogen. Your body needs oxygen to create energy to power your brain, cells, tissues and organs. Supplemental oxygen simply helps you feel better in many ways. 


Our canisters have been tested by laboratories for their pure oxygen content. Atlantic Analytical Laboratory, the number-one expert gas analysis laboratory in the northeast United States for nearly 50 years, reports our product contains 95% pure oxygen. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR REPORT ON OUR PRODUCT.




UL LLC has also performed an oxygen test on our product. UL LLC is a global safety certification company headquartered in Illinois. It maintains offices in 46 countries. UL is one of several companies approved to perform safety testing by the U.S. federal agency Occupational Safety and Health Administration (otherwise known as OSHA). OSHA maintains a list of approved testing laboratories, which are known as Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories. UL LLC found Boost Oxygen contains 95% pure oxygen. CLICK HERE TO READ THEIR REPORT ON OUR PRODUCT




So rest assured, our Boost Oxygen canisters are not “canned air”. They are indeed full of 95% pure oxygen!


Scientific Studies Support Boost Oxygen

The benefits of supplemental oxygen for health and wellness have also been published in scientific studies by researchers, scientists and universities. A university study was recently published using Boost Oxygen to study the effects of supplemental oxygen with increased athletic performance and recovery rates. 



Study On Boost Oxygen


From the study abstract:

“The administration of concentrated oxygen during exercise has continuously been questioned on its affiliation with increased athletic performance and recovery rates. To assess the validity of these statements, three untrained individuals performed two separate trials of steady-state exercise for 15 minutes in a cohort study. During the independent trial, a 2-liter pocket sized Boost Oxygen canister supplement containing 95% concentrated O2 was self-administered by the subjects commencing their exercise. The study’s findings suggest that concentrated O2 supplements can increase VO2 kinetics, resulting in a decreased time to attain steady-state VO2. Furthermore, supplemental O2 may help maintain a steadier steady-state VO2 during aerobic exercise.


From our study’s findings, we can assume that Boost Oxygen’s supplemental oxygen canister can cause improvements in VO2 kinetics and reduce oxygen deficit when administered just prior to aerobic steady- state exercise in untrained individuals. Furthermore, supplemental concentrated oxygen may help maintain a steadier steady- state VO2.”

In other words, the study found that Boost Oxygen can help increase oxygen levels in the body. It also found that Boost Oxygen can help maintain higher oxygen levels in the body during aerobic exercise.


In addition to the above, we invite you to read the below published studies on the benefits of supplemental oxygen.  

You can read the full list of published studies about supplemental oxygen on our website by clicking here

You can also read personal stories, reviews and testimonials about the benefits of Boost Oxygen by clicking here

1.University Study: The Effect of Inhaling Concentrated Oxygen on Performance during Repeated Anaerobic Exercise

Da quasi cento anni, per trattare i problemi respiratori e circolatori, si utilizzano varie modalità di inalazione di ossigeno in concentrazioni più elevate. I risultati dello studio indicano che l'inalazione di ossigeno concentrato può avere un effetto positivo sui processi di recupero a breve termine. Visualizza la ricerca sull'impatto dell'inalazione di ossigeno concentrato sulle prestazioni.




2. Independent Study Shows Boost Oxygen Can Significantly Increase Blood Oxygen Saturation


3. Study: Inadequate Cerebral Oxygen Delivery and Central Fatigue during Strenuous Exercise



Study: Influence of Hyperoxic-Supplemented High-Intensity Interval Training on Hemotological and Muscle Mitochondrial Adaptations in Trained Cyclists

Background: Hyperoxia (HYPER) increases O2 carrying capacity resulting in a higher O2 delivery to the working muscles during exercise. Several lines of evidence indicate that lactate metabolism, power output, and endurance are improved by HYPER compared to normoxia (NORM). Since HYPER enables a higher exercise power output compared to NORM and considering the O2 delivery limitation at exercise intensities near to maximum, we hypothesized that hyperoxic-supplemented high-intensity interval training (HIIT) would upregulate muscle mitochondrial oxidative capacity and enhance endurance cycling performance compared to training in normoxia. Read the Full Study at:

Study: The Effects on the Respiration and Performance during Exercise of Adding Oxygen to the Inspired Air

There have been several reports in the literature of the effects of oxygen on the respiration and performance during heavy work. The most extensive of these was by Asmussen & Nielsen (1946) who showed, among other things, that during moderately severe exercise on the bicycle ergometer the addition of oxygen to the inspired air resulted in a marked and sudden depression of the respiration. Read the Full Study at: