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Boost Oxygen is trusted and utilized by many different people, from many different lifestyles, in many different places around the world! Read some of our customer reviews, testimonials and experiences about our Boost Oxygen canisters! If you’ve used Boost Oxygen and enjoyed it, we encourage you to submit a review on our product on Google, Amazon and Facebook.

“Ever since I invested in Boost Oxygen I haven’t left the house without my personal supply of 95% oxygen!”
"Mr. Wonderful" Kevin O'Leary
“Brilliant! We live in Denver and had out of town friends visiting. I brought the Boost out for our three day trip to 9,600 ft and it was ever so helpful for our friend with breathing problems. He was struggling after climbing to the second floor of the condo, but one or two breaths from the Boost can took care of his discomfort. We keep it on hand from now on. Could be the one thing that can “buy us some time” in case of a serious emergency.”
Claire - Amazon
“These bottles are perfect for people that have occasional breathing issues due to humidity or other causes. I purchased these for a 93 year old relative and it gave her peace of mind in case of an emergency.”
“If you are somewhat short of breath, this can offer some relief. I have gifted many to my friends and family and all have agreed it has benefits. When you’re short of breath from exercise or drinking a carbonated beverage, this offers quick temporay relief.”
Buster - Amazon
“Great source of oxygen for people living or hiking in higher altitudes. We have multiple containers for people that visit us in our home at approximately 7000+ ft or for ourselves as we exercise and adapt to this altitude (we recently moved from 250ft above sea level to our new home in the Rockies).”
Mapturtle - Amazon
“Love my Boost Oxygen! It’s very handy for travel and good after wearing a mask. I don’t drink coffee because I am allergic to caffeine, so it gives me a nice boost in the morning and around 2pm.”
Eve, Toronto, Canada
“When you’re from 900 feet of elevation and visit 10,000 feet of elevation you will find yourself needing some Boost after the simple task of bending to tie your shoes!”
Cory Brakefield, Facebook
“By using Boost during my interval training sessions I catch my breath faster and I am faster ready for the next interval, and I am also less tired after my training sessions. Also, the day after a race I am much less tired; that’s because of purified oxygen. I like to use it during my training sessions and competitions.”
Johan Van Etten, Netherlands
"Boost Oxygen è un aiuto enorme per superare allenamenti duri come chiodi. Boost mi ha aiutato a raggiungere il mio vero potenziale, mentre continuo a raggiungere vette più alte nel settore del fitness".
Mike Lee, Denver, CO
“Boost Oxygen has been a game-changer for me and allowed me to stay active and overcome challenges to enjoy what I love to do. I have always been an active, athletic person who has played numerous sports and still enjoy many different types of outdoor activities.”
Molly Johnson, Nebraska
“Boost Oxygen is a great addition to my tennis practice and workouts. It gives me the added energy to start my day in a sport where energy and a clear mind is key. When I work out in the gym, I use it before, during, and after. When it’s tournament day, Boost Oxygen is always a pre-match and post-match ritual. This is such a great product and I love Boost Oxygen. The flavors are also a plus! What an awesome product!”
Gabriel Eusebio
“I’ve been using it pre and post workouts, when I get up in the morning and before bed. I’ve found it to really clear and open things up and help with performance.”
Seth Jones, Twitter
"Tengo due bottiglie nel mio zaino di pronto soccorso. Sono un membro del Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) della Napa Valley. Ho visto Boost per la prima volta quando un uomo anziano l'ha usato per la mancanza di fiato dopo un'escursione; ha funzionato rapidamente".
Tony V, Facebook
"Ottimo per quando si è in alta quota. Se siete mai stati a più di 10k piedi, sapete quanto ci si affatica salendo le scale. Non tutti sono abituati all'alta quota".
Stephen Hines, Facebook
“I’m a modern pentathlete (swimming, fencing, shooting, running and horse jumping) training at the United States Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I’ve been using Boost for almost a year and I can say that it has been a help in my training. With five sports, and being at-altitude, having a supply of supplemental oxygen is a tool I keep in all my training bags.”
Tyler Evans, Colorado Springs, CO
“Living in California, and I need clean air. I take a few hits of clean oxygen when I get back home from being outside. I have many air filters in my home but feel that it is still not enough, I even use nasal inserts that are meant to purify the air but feel as though they are a gimmick. I do intense hikes with high altitude also where the air gets thin, if I don’t seem to be getting enough air, I take a hit of Boost Oxygen. I’m a health nut!”
Elena, California
"Essenziale per il recupero, inizio a fare il boost per circa 30 minuti dopo una corsa intensa. Funziona per fornire O2 ai muscoli durante le lunghe corse o le salite più impegnative in bicicletta".
Bryan, Charlotte, NC
“As a competitive powerlifter, we have to hold our air during these heavy lifts. Blasting with Boost immediately after each lift supports my performance and recovery.”
Bill F, New Jersey
“On June 8, 2019, I traveled to Columbus Ohio to compete at United States Strongman Corp. Nationals in the lightweight Masters 198 lb class for the first time; in this weight class, being 48 years old, you need any help you can get – so I found Boost Oxygen to help with quick recovery during the events.”
Jim P, New Hampshire
“Thanks to having Boost, we were able to ‘catch our breath’. We didn’t have the luxury to be able to acclimate as well as we would have wanted to. Boston to Denver is a big change in altitude. Having Boost on our sideline was so great!”
Amanda Alpert, Boston Renegades, Boston, MA
“I have Boost to support my Spartan performances! You can’t be number one in your age group and complete as many races as I do per year without implementing the best products for performance and recovery.”
Paul Lachance, Colorado
“Boost Oxygen is always part of my race training, I had a Boost packed in my pit box and blasted up prior to the race; about 20 min before and 10 min before we went to the starting line. After the race I again had Boost in-hand to help me recover.”
Justin S, Pennsylvania
“Thought it might help with the altitude; it did! Though spending 14 hours at 14,000 feet is exhausting no matter how much oxygen you have!!!”
Nick R, Colorado
“We load up on Boost for every time our Mom comes to visit from Michigan. She always has it close-by, at home and up on the mountain!”
Trisha P, Vail, Colorado