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My experience at the 2018 World Long Drive Championships / by Eddie Fernandes:

“Achieving a goal is probably the single most satisfying thing anyone can do in their life when it comes to sports.  I lost in the semifinals in the 2017 Masters Division World Long Drive Championship and was extremely disappointed; and simply put, left a bad taste in my mouth.  I set forth in November of 2017 to win a World Championship.  I started working with swing coach, Lucas Wald on November 27, 2017 with one goal:

Essere un campione del mondo.

We worked so hard on a few swing mechanics which were off in my swing.  We worked so hard and I drilled it until it became almost second nature.  On September 4th, 2018, my goal was realized and I became the Masters Division World Long Drive Champion.  It was extremely special because it would have been my Dad’s 88th birthday…he passed 2 years ago.  I dedicated the win to my brother Steve who passed away 3 years ago at 54 years old.  He was my idol and mentor growing up and taught me how to compete and win.  He has been inducted into 2 halls of fame for wrestling. He was an amazing athlete.  I knew he and my Dad were with me that night.  I told my brother before he passed that I would win one for him.  I was locked in and ready to go.  The conditions were difficult with a slight head wind and left to right with a very soft grid.  I hit my winning drive 373 yards. The entire year was amazing from a competition standpoint.  I had 2 wins: Los Angeles  – The Endless Summer Invitational which was my first Open Division win and also the Masters Division World Long Drive Championship.  All in all, I competed in 8 Open Division events and 3 Masters Division events; 11 total events and made 7 final 8 appearances with 2 wins.  I hit the longest ball of the 2018 World Long Drive Tour season at 480 yards and also hit the longest ball of the 2018 World Long Drive Championships at 418 yards.

Nessun risultato si ottiene da soli. Ho una grande squadra alle spalle, a cominciare dalla mia fantastica moglie Eileen e dai miei 3 figli: Dylan, Shea e Bella. Sono i miei più grandi fan e anche un grande sostegno per me e la mia carriera.


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Huge thanks to my sponsors Callaway Golf, Paderson Shafts, Flightscope Golf, Boxhiit Fitness Forma and Frozen in Time Cryospa for all of their support over the years.  It’s nice knowing I am playing the best equipment on the planet.  I started training with Barrett Stover at Revolution Sports Performance last year and made a huge difference in my ability to stay healthy and continually get better.  Thanks to my training partner and friend, 2014 World Long Drive Champion Jeff Flagg for introducing me to PurMotion Equipment which allows me to perform powerful Olympic style movements without the worry of getting injured.  Huge thanks to Lucas Wald, my swing coach was the difference maker for me winning this year’s Masters World Long Drive Championship.  We drilled the proper sequence over and over again and the results shined through.  Lucas will be the most sought after golf instructor on the planet very soon.  He’s that good.

Also want to give a shout out to Boost Oxygen for sending me some cans out to Mesquite, Nevada which definitely helped in the altitude as well as supporting recovery at all altitudes – awesome product and awesome guys running the show.  I don’t plan on slowing down in 2019.  I’m working harder than 2018 and my next event is the IGANZ Global Infinity Series Long Drive event in China.  I will be competing in both divisions over Thanksgiving weekend and excited about the opportunity to win Internationally.  I like my chances.”

Il migliore,

Eddie 'Fast Eddie' Fernandes - Campione del mondo di long drive Masters 2018

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Congratulazioni "Fast Eddie"! I tuoi risultati sono assolutamente qualcosa di cui essere fieri; e ci rende orgogliosi sapere che hai scelto Boost per sostenere il tuo talento, la tua passione e la tua dedizione a diventare un campione.