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Susie and Her Pups Enjoy High Altitude Hiking
Is Supplemental Oxygen Safe for Pets? You Bet! “I’m not a professional athlete, nor do I claim to have hiked the highest summits. Some people...
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CJ si è dedicato allo sport del bodybuilding
“My name is CJ DeMarco. My fitness journey started when I was 14. I always loved to work out and play sports. I grew up...
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Christy Has a Passion for Patriotism, Service Therapy Dogs, Hockey and Supporting Her Fellow Veterans; Her Story Is Now A Children’s Book, Too
Inspiration comes in many forms. For author Eileen Doyon, it most recently came from seeing the story of Christy Gardner. Christy is a wounded veteran...
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Regina è una giocatrice professionista di pickleball di 24 anni e il suo percorso non è stato facile.
“My name is Regina Franco, I’m a professional pickleball player and I was formerly a professional racquetball player. I was born and raised in Mexico....
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Testimonianza di Boost: Johan è un guerriero che lotta contro la sclerosi multipla
From the Netherlands, Johan has an inspiring story of internal strength, drive and determination after being informed that he had Multiple Sclerosis. He also uses...
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Jamie è essenziale e attua il boost sia a livello professionale che personale
We appreciate Jamie taking some time to share her feedback and perspectives about why and when she implements Boost. As a Certified Nurse Midwife, she...
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In qualità di infermiera diplomata e di appassionata di corsa, Erica conosce i benefici dell'ossigeno potenziato.
“My name is Erica, and the two easiest ways to describe myself here is that I am an avid runner and a Registered Nurse; both...
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Cambiano le stagioni e le attività... ma i pericoli associati all'ipossia rimangono invariati
We are sharing the background of Brian Flick. He’s a Colorado local who is a climber, trail runner, and skier. He also knows about hypoxia...
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Un affare da 1 milione di dollari per Kevin O'Leary di Shark Tank con Boost Oxygen
If you missed BOOST OXYGEN’S appearance, watch SHARK TANK: Season 11, Episode 2 on your favorite on-demand platform  Boost looks to increase its current 95%...
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L'impatto della paura in mezzo al Coronavirus; Patrick Sweeney, "Il guru della paura".
“All your dreams are on the other side of fear”. – Patrick Sweeney Fear is a powerful emotion that easily paralyzes us and prevents us...
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