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$5,000 Donation to Connecticut Food Bank by Boost Oxygen CEO Rob Neuner

While Boost Oxygen was deemed an essential business at the beginning of the COVID-19 quarantine, that was not the case for everyone. We watched as many, many people were laid off or put on furlough or had to work from home, and we saw all of the strain that having kids at home suddenly full-time was putting on everyone. We also saw that the hardest hit group of people were those who were laid off and whose kids were reliant on schools for meals.

It didn’t take long for Boost Oxygen CEO, Rob Neuner, to step up and donate $5,000 to the Connecticut Food Bank in order to help those families most in need. Help is Here! Is not just the slogan for our all-natural respiratory support, it’s a constant reminder that we can always strive to help everyone both in the office and in our community at large.