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Boost Oxygen Review: Canned Oxygen Makes a Great Gift

Giving someone a can of oxygen as a gift might seem strange at first glance, but a can of Boost Oxygen means so much more than meets the eye. Daily Mom included our all-natural respiratory support in their gift guide and it got us thinking.


Sure, supplemental oxygen is a super healthy gift that encourages tons of healthy physical and mental functions, but it is even more than that. We realized that a gift of supplemental oxygen is like a ticket for adventure. Simply because Boost Oxygen is helpful to anyone doing just about anything anywhere, giving them a can of oxygen is essentially asking them, “Are you ready for anything?”


Our portable oxygen has been to the tops of mountains, accompanied cyclists on epic rides, supported swimmers from the pool to the ocean, helped grandparents find the energy to chase their grandchildren and been the help that millions of people have needed when they are short of breath.