We like to buy things because it makes us feel good, right? Those new powder skis feel like prized possessions when we first get our hands on them. But they aren’t for long. The newness eventually wears off, and we move on to wanting some new piece of gear.

Recently, psychological research has shown that experiences make people happier than material items. Whether it’s because of the time we spend with people, or the stories we bring back home to tell, experiences are what keep us in anticipation of the next exciting moment. This is why giving the gift of experience to your loved ones this holiday season will elicit the best reactions. 

Rent a Trailer

This might not sound glamorous, but it is surely fun. Trailers are available to rent on AirBnB and can be found in all sorts of cool places. Renting a trailer by a ski mountain (say, Mount Bachelor in Oregon?) is a great way to enjoy the slopes by day, and get cozy with your friends or loved ones by night. 

Surprise Road Trip

Plan a road trip but leave all the details a secret until you’ve pulled out of the driveway. This is a great gift for the young ones, as a road trip can be however long you decide. You can plan all the stops including fun eating spots, historical markers, beautiful parks, and quirky thrift stores. You can also plan a daring adventure like a backpacking trip.

Guided Adventure Travel

Ever wanted to explore a new place, but don’t actually want to go through the hassle of planning a trip? Totally understandable. Planning can take so much time and effort, which is why guided adventure trips can be a really great way to see a new part of the world. Many guides are incredibly knowledgeable and are there to make your adventurous experience as comfortable as possible. This is a great gift for the explorers who are short on time. Companies like MountainBased.com allow you to explore the wild west of America.

Book an Outdoor Skills Class

Whether this gift is for an already established outdoor enthusiast or someone ready to get their feet wet, an outdoor skills class can add to anyone’s repertoire. Climbing classes and ski lessons can be fun ways to get to meet people while learning something new, while wilderness first responder and avalanche safety training are great skills to add to any adventurer’s arsenal.