If you’ve ever found yourself marveling at how fast downhill skiers travel, then what Swiss freeskier Elias Ambühl achieved in February 2017 will surely impress. The 24-year old set a new world record by traveling a blistering 81.5 miles per hour skiing switch (backward) at the Arosa ski resort in Switzerland.

Nobody Has Ever Skied Faster Backward

The previous record that Ambühl broke was an equally impressive 79.9 mph set by Norwegian freeskier Anders Backe in 2012. And, to put that eye-watering speed in perspective, the fastest speed ever recorded in World Cup skiing was 100.6 mph registered by Johan Clarey of France during the 2013 World Cup Lauberhorn event in Wengen, Switzerland.

Ambühl also shared his new world record with his Instagram followers: