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Supplemental Oxygen can improve the quality of life for healthy people and those that require oxygen for medical issues. There are several devices that can provide supplemental oxygen in a hospital, at home or personal use.

  • By definition, Supplemental Oxygen contains above 21% oxygen. In the air we breathe, there is around 21% oxygen, with 78% nitrogen along with small amounts of other gasses. At higher altitude, oxygen percentage can be less. This also doesn’t take into account any pollutants. Medical grade oxygen for patients (like you would receive in a hospital or prescribed by a doctor for in-home use) is defined as 99.2% (or higher) pure oxygen.
  • Now, think about how much regular air you breathe (along with any pollutants) when you’re outside exercising, working out or playing sports. Every cell in your body is designed to burn oxygen–it’s the basic fuel for cell metabolism. Cut back on oxygen and all of those cellular processes become sluggish. You start to feel fatigued or short of breath. More oxygen equates to cells having the energy they need to repair, improved immune response, and better overall health.