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With the arrival of colder weather, many people will travel to the higher altitudes of the Rocky Mountain region for ski season, winter sports, vacation and backcountry adventures. Upon arrival, many of those same people will experience tiredness, shortness of breath and altitude sickness as their body acclimates to the high altitudes.

Did you know the air we breathe is ONLY 21% oxygen? The majority is useless 78% nitrogen. There can be even less oxygen in the air at high altitude regions like Colorado. Your body needs oxygen to create energy and power your organs and muscles. If you’re not used to these altitude changes, your first few days at high altitude can be miserable.

The good news is that you don’t need to suffer – HELP IS HERE with Boost Oxygen!

Boost Oxygen For Altitude Acclimation

Boost Oxygen is portable 95% Pure Oxygen in a portable and convenient canister. It’s popular in the Rocky Mountain region and available at stores all around Colorado. To find a store in your area, visit our online store locator. Boost Oxygen can help your body acclimate faster and provides healthy and natural respiratory support.

Below are some videos to watch that will explain the benefits of using Boost Oxygen portable supplemental oxygen at high altitudes!


What’s it like to go from sea level to almost 13,000 feet? Boost Oxygen Founder and CEO, Rob Neuner, shows us how Boost Oxygen can help you fight altitude sickness, overcome being winded at altitude:

Rob arrives at the Rocky Mountain region from sea level and uses a pulse oximeter to show the instantaneous and helpful effects of using Boost Oxygen:

Rob appears on Good Morning TV8 in Vail, Colorado:

The helpful benefits of using Boost Oxygen during a day of skiing in Colorado: