“Need to catch my Breath”… “I’m Winded”… “Need a Break”… “I’m Gassed”… “Timeout” – terms athletes use when they are taken out of action. Hands on hips. Heavy breathing. Wheezing. Head down, hunched over. Just give me a minute. The clock continues. The other team scores. The opponent wins.

The image of the Pro Football player reaching for the Oxygen mask is commonplace. It makes sense.

Boost Oxygen makes the same experience possible to anyone who wants it. Convenient, Practical, Affordable.

Trusted by Pro Football teams, Pro Hockey teams and Major Division 1 Collegiate Athletic Programs. Utilized by professional weightlifters, basketball players, soccer players, tennis players, fitness professionals and more. Wherever and whenever athletes of all ages are looking for a trusted source of convenient oxygen.

Supplemental Oxygen is no longer a prohibited product in training and competition as per the World Anti-Doping Association and the U.S. Anti-Doping Association:

WADA News, 19, September 2009, “WADA Executive Committee Approves 2010 Prohibited List”:  “In addition, the 2010 [Banned Substances] List will no longer prohibit supplemental oxygen (hyperoxia).”

Recommended Use

Try Boost Oxygen’s Large canister in Peppermint. For strenuous sports, take three-to-five inhalations before an event, three-to-five during a rest period, and three-to-five at the end to speed recovery and stay on top of your game.

Teams / Athletes in the Following Leagues are Blasting with BOOST!

NHL •  NFL •  MLB •  NBA •  NCAA Arena Football League •  American Hockey League

Teams / Athletes in the Following Leagues are Blasting with BOOST!


Arena Football League American Hockey League

Justin Magallanez

Justin Magallanez

Founder and Head Physical Preparation Director, CREATIN’ MONSTERS

“Through the vision of a child, CREATIN’ MONSTERS has been a brand that has been involved in the community since 2002. In 2008, after working for several corporate and highly recognized sports training facilities, my family and I had decided to open CREATIN’ MONSTERS in our 2 car garage. Throughout the years, I’ve gained knowledge through many experiences working with NFL/MLB/NBA/AFL organizations – Developing personal and team training for Professional, Collegiate and high school level, including professional UFC Fighters. In my years of training, I’ve also played dual-roles as a football position coach as well as an assistant strength coach at the collegiate and high school level. I have 15+ years of experience, as well as a Bachelors in Exercise Science and achieving my Masters in Biomechanics; with 17 certifications such as CSCS, and all levels of NASM certifications. Throughout my career, I’ve obtained achievements becoming a Master Instructor for Vertimax and Power Plate, also working with great companies becoming a sponsored coach with Marc Pro, Rapid Reboot, Cryotherapy, and Boost Oxygen. Over the course of my career, I personally have had the privilege to play football at the collegiate and professional level. This has provided me with the knowledge and experience which has allowed me to perfect my craft in my profession.”