Did You Know? Every team in the NFL is required to have supplemental oxygen on the sideline for every game… pre-season to championship!  It is also on the sidelines of major NCAA programs.

It’s reported that 300 million years ago, there was a 30% concentration of oxygen in the earth’s atmosphere. Today, it stands at a 21% concentration!

There are TWO world records for holding your breath under water:  11 minutes after breathing regular air, and over 22 minutes after breathing pure supplemental oxygen!

The FAA formally recommends pilots flying at night at altitude to use their supplemental oxygen to help with night vision! The rods in the back of the eye are apparently very sensitive to oxygen levels.

Boxing is the only sport we know that officially BANS supplemental oxygen during competition. However, the US Boxing Association also officially REQUIRES supplemental oxygen to be at every bout, in case a fighter needs it afterwards.

One of the main causes of muscle cramping in sport is the formation of lactic acid. Lactic acid is created during anaerobic (without oxygen) respiration. Athletes who stay in aerobic respiration report significantly less cramping and post workout muscle fatigue.

Famous athletes who used supplemental oxygen during training and competition were Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mohammad Ali, +++ too many to count!

20% of all the oxygen intake into the human body goes to the brain. 21% goes to the liver.

A study showed that students breathing supplemental oxygen and using glucose tested higher than students that did not.

Supplemental Oxygen was removed from the prohibited list by the World Anti-Doping Agency and US Anti-Doping Agency for use in competition and training on January 1, 2010.

Supplemental oxygen is a known pulmonary vasodialator. It is also one of the few things that an EMT or first responder can give to someone without knowing their medical history. No one is allergic to supplemental oxygen.

Oxygen is “paramagnetic.”  It is mildly attracted to a magnet, but does not retain its magnetism permanently.

Oxygen was the atomic weight standard for the other elements until 1961 when it was replaced by carbon 12.

Oxygen must get down to -297.3F (-183.0C) to liquify.

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Excited oxygen is responsible for the bright red, green, and yellow-green colors of the aurora.

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