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Connecticut Food Bank Receives $5,000 Donation from Boost Oxygen

Even though Boost Oxygen specializes in making all-natural respiratory support and our slogan is “Help is Here!” we realized the need to help our community in a large way when COVID-19 first shut down the nation. One of the most affected segments were children and families who relied on schools for meals. When the schools closed, Boost Oxygen CEO, Rob Neuner, stepped up and donated $5,000 to the Connecticut Food Bank


No one at Boost Oxygen was surprised when Rob suggested that donating to the food bank would be a good course of action. In fact, it was a really short conversation in one of our staff meetings because it wasn’t only Rob who wanted to do something, it was the entire staff. It’s one of the many reasons why Boost Oxygen is as successful as it is; everyone on the staff is committed to helping not only each other, but our communities as well.