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College Football kicked off and Boost Oxygen was on the sidelines and used by the Florida Gators during their nationally-broadcast game on ESPN! Watch the footage now:

At high-altitude regions where there can be less oxygen in the air, altitude acclimation can affect any athlete – and we’re proud the Gators (who traveled from sea-level to high-altitude to play in Utah) chose Boost 95% Pure Oxygen to help their team compete at peak performance.

Boost Oxygen Sports Performance Manager Hillary Stickney, who worked with University of Florida officials to provide them with Boost oxygen canisters, said: “Every day, more pro and college teams are learning about the benefits of supplemental oxygen for athletes for performance and recovery during workouts, training and competition. Many years ago, the Florida Gators introduced Gatorade to the world – and it later became a global sports phenomenon. On Thursday, the Gators helped introduce Boost Oxygen to millions of viewers during the national ESPN broadcast. We’re excited to see Boost Oxygen continue to grow in popularity in sports and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the University of Florida!”

Boost Oxygen is 95% Pure Oxygen in portable, lightweight and completely recyclable canisters – no prescription needed. Boost Oxygen allows athletes to bring portable supplemental oxygen anywhere, without the need for large and bulky oxygen tanks. Boost Oxygen is used by Athletes and Athletic Trainers and players in the NCAA, NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, MLS and more!

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