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Once again, we have come to know an inspiring and amazing individual who is implementing Boost! Samanta posted and tagged us on her Instagram @spartanxica from the Spartan Race at Big Bear – we reached out to her to see if we could learn more about her and share her story; and oh boy, she has an amazing level of vigor, drive and motivation as she travels the globe competing in Spartan events! Here is her shared story:


Samanta at Big Bear!

My name is Samanta and I am 34 years old living in a small Spanish beach town called Sitges. I have a busy job as a conference producer and am a mom to two beautiful girls. I love my family and my work.

I also like to travel, which helps as I am a sports and martial arts enthusiast racing around the world and training everyday. This means I can run spartan races  (@spartanrace)  and Obstacle Courses (OCR) along with martial arts (kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu).

Fast forwarding my story. I first ran a Spartan race in 2015 and had completed 3 Trifectas only a few races later – a Spartan Trifecta consists of 3 obstacle races of different distances which are a Sprint: 6 km and 20 obstacles, a Super: 14 km and 25 obstacles, and, a Beast: 25 km+ and 30 obstacles. Previously I’d done very little racing exercise but I achieved success by setting myself the ambitious challenge of completing multiple trifectas by the end of 2019.


My achievement is even more impressive as I suffer from asthma, which often occurs during intense exercise, such as running, and cold temperatures. However, I have boundless energy and an enthusiasm for life, sports, travel and new experiences and all this has helped focus on my need to achieve.

Earlier in 2019 I ran 2 winter Spartans at 1500 metres elevation in the French Alps, with waist deep snow and double digit below zero temperatures. I had a really bad time suffering from both altitude sickness and severe asthma. These left me needing to focus on fighting for my life rather than racing competitively. Although at times I had thoughts that I would not make it, I pushed really hard and reached the finish line. Spartans don’t give up!

After that experience, helping me now with my Spartan and breathing challenges is Boost Oxygen. I discovered the product early in 2019 when I was preparing for the Spartan Big Bear race in California. The Big Bear is often described as the ‘soul crusher’ because of the most brutal terrain and elevation changes – the course rises to more than 8000 ft or 2491 metres. It was suggested using breathing help and one of the products that stood out was Boost Oxygen.


So, I used Boost the first time for the Big Bear and it was an absolute game changer. Did  Boost Oxygen make Big Bear easy? No, but it became manageable as I was stronger and I could breath without major difficulty.

Boost Oxygen made a wonderful contribution to my overall performance and a faster recovery, but most importantly it helped eliminate the feeling of immense frustration that comes from being forced to stop in between obstacles to catch a breath and balance breathing. Its use means I can now sustain and run pretty much an entire race without taking breaks to catch my breath. Thanks Boost!


My running and overcoming physical and health obstacles gives me an incredible boost to energy and confidence, which are so beneficial to my daily life, as well as my physical and mental health. Boost Oxygen helps even more. Looking back at my goal for 2019 I managed to complete 8 Spartan Trifectas in Spain, France, Italy, USA, Greece, Netherlands, UK, Scotland, Austria & Andorra. According to Spartan’s published rankings I consistently achieved the #1 place in the women’s Spartan Global Open series for my age category.

I now that I couldn’t have completed as many races, particularly the high elevation events, without having a Boost! I now refer to Boost Oxygen as my ‘unfair advantage’ and use it everywhere and not only for racing – it helps on long drives, late nights at my office, and keeping my mind sharp and head clear.


Boost supports my performance in sports and will help achieve my new goal for 2020 of being #1 in a stepped-up Age Group. It also feeds my desire of freedom and adventure in addition to improving my relaxation time helping create a more balanced and harmonious life.

Thanks Boost Oxygen!