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The 2021 Spartan racing season is kicking off in Jacksonville, Florida – and Boost Oxygen ambassador Paul Lachance will be competing. Paul Lachance is turning 80 years old in July – and he’s still as tough as they come. He not only survived cancer, but then went on to compete in 15 Spartan races. He’s been a longtime ambassador for Boost Oxygen and uses it daily for recovery after his workouts and as an all-natural respiratory support for his everyday activities.

Watch this exclusive interview Paul did with TV8 Summit Sunrise in Colorado (will air Friday, February 26) as he prepares for the upcoming race in Jacksonville. Paul talks about how covid altered the 2020 Spartan season, his plans for racing this year, how he stays in such great shape, how Boost Oxygen helps him and so much more!

Good luck to Paul Lachance and all of the Spartan athletes that plan on competing this season! Watch the YouTube video below: